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january’s gemstone in two fun shapes!

garnets are gorgeous!

i decided to use these rich red semi-precious stones in both of these earrings.

the hoops (left) are made of micro-faceted garnets for maximum sparkle.  i added a few bali sterling silver spacers at the bottom of each hoop and wrapped it all up with sterling silver wire.  they dangle from sterling silver earwires for a total length of 1.75 inches.  they’re available at my etsy store for $30 USD and would make a great valentine’s day gift for that special someone.  like yourself!

the cluster earrings (at right) are made of a medley of garnets and freshwater pearls.  each bead is individually wire-wrapped with sterling silver, giving these babies a little movement.  they’re available at my etsy store for $44 USD.

i’m still donating $5 for each item purchased through my etsy store to the aid organization of your choice for haiti. participate in ‘hearts for haiti’, too–add my store to your favorites list and i’ll donate a $1 to red cross.  you’ll need an account, but it’s free!

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the rain made me do it!

the sun is finally out, so i could take some photos of all the work i got done during el nino’s visit to the west coast.  these were created out of a desire to beat the dreariness, i think!

just for fun: these darling vintage lucite coral beads paired with 3 faceted opaque turquoise blue czech glass beads. blue beads are wired wrapped with sterling silver; earwires are sterling silver as well.

earrings measure 2 inches in length, including earwires.

they’re available at my etsy store for $20 USD.  i’m still donating $5 for each item purchased through my store to an aid organization of your choice to help the victims of the haiti earthquakes (i donate to the red cross if no organization is specified).  and if you add my store to your favorites on etsy (you’ll need a free account), i’ll donate $1, even if you don’t make a purchase.  free for you, help for haiti!

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maybe no playing with flame today

i’m a good person, i’m a good person, i’m a good person.  and maybe if i keep telling myself that, i’ll get over the fact that i didn’t get any sleep last night, my house smells like basset hound, and i feel a bit like a criminal.

my hubby and i rescued two basset hounds who were running in the street last night.  they spent the night in our kitchen (hence the smell) trying relentlessly to escape (hence no sleep).  we took them to our area shelter this morning (after no hits on craigslist and other sites for lost animals) and had to wait (!) almost an hour in line just to do a good deed.  then they needed our licenses to process our request (hence the criminal part).  they were reallly sweet and–thank goodness–housebroken, and i know we did a good deed, but i burned through a ton of goodwill on the part of my husband and 2 dogs.

the worst part?  other than the smell?  i’m exhausted and fumbling around, even with coffee, so how am i supposed to play with my new butane torch today without losing a digit?  argh!  no good deed…

ps. if you know anyone in riverside, ca looking for their two bassets, they’re at the riverside animal shelter

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lookie here, el nino…

the view from s-p-a-c-erain, rain , go away!  i can’t take (decent) photographs on a dark and stormy day!

i have all this cool stuff to show you, but i have to wait for the sunshine to come back before i can get pictures.  so stay tuned, because i have tons of garnet earrings and other red jewelry for the happy heart day coming up.  look for it at my etsy store!

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oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!

here’s what brown can do for me: deliver me a second christmas!  you are looking at my brand new, super awesome, butane powered torch as well as everything i need to make my own jewelry findings (like headpins and jump rings).  included in this sweet little package, other than the torch, are a soldering board, solder, flux, pickle, tongs, silver prep, copper tweezers, and this cool patina gel and brush for antiquing sterling silver.  all from cool tools.  oh happy day!

for those of you who don’t view this as jewelry porn (it’s okay, i was trying to explain how much fun this stuff was to my hubby last night, and he’s not as into it as me either) let’s just say that this is going to take my jewelry making up a notch.  bam!

more jewelry will be posted soon at my etsy store.

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itty bitty milestone

today dogwood & poppy celebrates it’s 10th sale!  i know, i know, it’s a whopping number, but you gotta start somewhere.  a big thank you to all the people who have made this possible: those who believed in me before i believed in myself, those who encouraged me before i believed in myself, and those who bought my jewelry before i believed you would!

a big thanks to my hubby, who puts up with my craft crap, let me pursue this instead of a job job, and lent a hand in areas most technical.

AND–drum roll please–i ordered me some business cards!  i’m so official.

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still going…

i’m continuing hearts for haiti until the end of the day.  i’ll donate $1 for every person who goes to my etsy store (click link) and adds my shop to their favorites list. you’ll need to sign in or create an account to do this.  free for you, help for the victims of the earthquake.  details in my shop announcement. THANKS!

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