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March 22, 2010 at 7:28 pm Leave a comment

after all that work with metal, i felt like working with something soft and supple.  i’ve been seeing these gorgeous gossamer flowers everywhere on etsy, and i’ve wanted to try my hand at them for a while now, so last night i made a bunch of these soft beauties.  i raided my fabric scrap stash (don’t even ask why i have leftover shiny orange tulle, but suffice it to say i do) and applied a little heat to the edge of these rounds and sewed them together with some beads and–voila!

i just want to pin them all over me and take them out on the town.  too much?  okay, i’ll just pin my favorite orange one onto my purse.  the rest of them will have to stay inside.

these were so easy to make.  i was able to arrange and rearrange until i got each flower exactly the way i wanted.  i used beads in the centers of most of them, but in the silk dupioni flower, i tried something a little different: i crumpled up some loose threads for the center and sewed that in.  the possibilities are endless.  watch out, it’s addictive!

wanna try it yourself?  get some fabric scraps or buy some new fabric–you won’t need much more than a quarter of a yard.  i used costume grade satin, silk dupioni, organza, and tulle.  the fabrics with plastic/polyester melted the best, but i’ve seen tons made with chiffon.  after my success last night, i might have to go out and expand my stash with some chiffon!  cut fabric into rough circles of varying sizes; when you put them together, you’ll put the little ones on top and the larger ones in back.  some of the fabrics melted at the touch of a really hot iron and others needed the direct heat of a flame; i used a lighter where a hot iron didn’t work.  either way, be careful with your fingers!  when you have it all arranged the way you like it, sew the beads and flower all together and then glue it to a pin back (check the jewelry section at your crafts store) with an all-purpose glue like hot glue or weldbond.

i think i’ll put together a pillow with these fluffy organza flowers and some leftover terracotta colored velveteen.  i made the small one by folding a circle in quarters and sewing the point together.  i just love these: they remind me of icelandic poppies and i think they’ll be so pretty with bright green embroidered stems!

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