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i heart resin!

i love the look of resin–it’s fun and fresh– so i’ve incorporated these pendants into one of a kind necklaces.  each necklace is a little bit different: some of the pendants are enhanced with charms and beads, some hang from gunmetal chains, some from leather, and one includes grosgrain ribbon and silk.  they’re all available at my etsy store.

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the birds and the bees…

…and the flowers and the trees are what’s inspiring me right now.  here are some things i would love to adorn myself–or my house–with!  and these are just what i found at etsy!

little pink bird card from little pink forest

madison flower clip by feather and bloom

fused glass nightlight by raquel's birds

vinyl wall stickers from wall decors

tags from seasonal delights

knitting pattern from adrienne engar

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guilty pleasures no. 1

i have quite a few guilty pleasures and i thought i’d share them with you.  we’ll go until i run out of things that cause embarassing happiness.  this could take a while!

first up: what not to wear

dear stacy and clinton,

i am totally in love with you and want to be on your show.  only i don’t actually want to be on your show, because that would mean that i have no style and don’t know how to dress myself.  instead i’ll just watch other people be humiliated and live vicariously through their transformations.  as i write, you are mocking someone for wearing sweat pants–and a fanny pack–out in public, which she does because “they’re comfortable”.  this woman also wears disney character sweaters to work.  and she’s 40.  it’s so much fun to watch you roll your eyes.

as someone who used to dress solely for comfort, i feel a little bit bad for laughing so hard at this poor woman.  but you taught me that comfort doesn’t have to be baggy.  or frumpy.  or just plain ugly.

i’ve learned a lot from you:

  1. fit is everything.  ev-er-y-thing.  that little tag with the size on it?  nothing.
  2. just because those pants don’t fit me doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me.  it’s the pants, damnit!  it’s all their fault!  i can put them back on the rack with disdain.  yes!
  3. i may not want the world to be this way, but people will judge me based on how i look.  i want my clothes to say, “judge me based on what’s on the inside” not “i don’t care what you think”.
  4. looking feminine does not equal looking “girly”.  bye-bye total tomboy, hello sporty chic.
  5. i may not look like a supermodel, but i deserve to look my best.
  6. when i look my best, i feel great (especially more confident).

in short, you’re awesome.  you’ve changed my life for the better.  the fact that i just said that about a tv show helps to explain the guilt.  that won’t stop me from enjoying your fashion snarkiness.  but i will keep doing it in the privacy of my own home.



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and the winner is…

deep waters necklaceearth and sky necklaceturquoise!

what with the oscars and other awards ceremonies, i thought the color of the year should get its own show.  i couldn’t agree more with pantone in their choice for 2010.  i think turquoise looks stunning and classic when paired with navy or black and lime green.  retro when paired with red.  fun and spunky when paired with a coral orange.  because of its versatility, i use the color a lot in my jewelry.

from the pantone website:

“Whether envisioned as a tranquil ocean surrounding a tropical island or a protective stone warding off evil spirits, Turquoise is a color that most people respond to positively. It is universally flattering, has appeal for men and women, and translates easily to fashion and interiors. With both warm and cool undertones, Turquoise pairs nicely with any other color in the spectrum. Turquoise adds a splash of excitement to neutrals and browns, complements reds and pinks, creates a classic maritime look with deep blues, livens up all other greens, and is especially trend-setting with yellow-greens.”

lately, i’ve been loving the energetic combo of red and turquoise.  check out this adorable leather birdie wristlet from studio cat b.  or combine your love of swedish fish (yum) and other sweets with weddings and fabulous stationery by paperista–head to style me pretty, a cool wedding website i just found.  and how sweet–this little fox by kristiana parn!  put a little gnome in your home with this ceramic creation from the little red door.  in my own work, i combined these two fun colors in my upcycled jewelry board.  i’m going to try using it in my jewelry, too!

whether it’s the actual semi-precious stone or just the gorgeous color, it can be the star of the show or a great supporting cast member.  it looks good on so many different skin tones and can be worn by women of all ages.  brighten up any outfit–and your day–with this pretty punch of color!  plus you’ll be, like, sooooooo on trend.  you hot mama, you.

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happiness is a bead stash!

did you know that LA has a jewelry district?  it’s downtown, near the fashion district.  craft addicts unite!  there’s fabric, trim, buttons, beads, diamonds…holy cow.  a girl could really get in debt!

i tried to restrain myself, hitting only the bead stores.  i found some amazing fire-polished czech glass beads in the bead district near maple & 8th, and the most gorgeous semi-precious stones at bella findings.  i picked up these amazing rough cut briolettes in carnelian, moonstone, smoky topaz, and labradorite.  oh labradorite, the dark greyish beauty with a reflective teal green flash in the light.  gorgeous!  and i found some pale green prehnite (green amethyst) that i can’t wait to use.

on a less glamorous note, i also stocked up on chain and this cool pre-flux stuff that helps prevent firescale.  oh and the most beautiful jewelry benches at a to z jewelry tools.  some had built in bench blocks.  sigh.  a girl can dream, right?!

i’ve got plans for all this fun stuff…coming soon to my etsy store!

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she sells sea shells

say that 5 times fast!  sure, i live in the inland empire of california, miles from the ocean and far from the east coast, where i collected these shells myself at okracoke island off the coast of north carolina.  i polished them, drilled holes in the top, and strengthened them with resin.  then i strung them all together with a freshwater pearl on a copper chain that i had antiqued.  i think they look great all together: neutral and nautical!

this necklace is available at my etsy store for $32 USD.

i also recently made another shell necklace, this time with capiz shells in aqua blue and spring green with a tiny mother of pearl bead, all strung on a sterling silver chain.  it’s available at my etsy store for $28 USD.

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my new medium

this weekend, our family (me, hubby, and doggies) went up to the san bernadino mountains to kick back and relax in the snow.  well not in the snow, but warmly inside by the fire with beers in hand.  despite having the chains break–not once but twice!–on the way up to the cabin, we managed to have a pretty good time.  and i discovered another fun craft–snow people!

jason started making a giant snowball, and that, well, got things rolling.  with my humble sidekick, molly, looking on and providing guidance and supervision, i created this wonder of snow and ice.  for those of you who know jason, you may see some similarities, especially the mustache.  thankfully he doesn’t have a horn sticking out of his head, though.

to see me in action (shaping the all important ‘stache), click here for a 30 second video on flickr.

today it’s back to making jewelry.  what it lacks in moustaches, it makes up for by not being freezing cold!

adding an arm while molly looks on...

...putting the finishing touches on the 'stache...

...and he's ready for his closeup!

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