a room of my own

April 8, 2010 at 12:11 pm Leave a comment

if only mtv cribs would come to my home with video cameras, i could tell you: this is where the magic happens!  it’s not the bedroom, and i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to function as a breakfast nook, but it has become my studio.  virginia would be so pleased.

i’m lucky to have all this lovely space to myself in this bright room just off the kitchen of the little house we’re renting.  i have room for my sewing paraphernalia (off to the left), my paper and ribbon collection (to the right), and mainly, my bead stash (front and center).  not that it doesn’t all spill out into other rooms of the house, much to my husband’s chagrin, but it’s better than trying to share with the guest room/office/place we put stuff that we don’t know what to do with.

my husband and i have an offer pending on a house close by where i could also have my own room for craft crap, but right now this is just perfect.  i even borrowed an idea from marta writes about using fabric shoe/sweater cubbies for storage.  i put my fabric stash in them, so no more digging around in plastic tubs.  of course, there are still plastic tubs, but now i have less frequently used items in them!  and then, there are the beads…lots and lots of beads.  now that i have the studio picked up and organized (i am not as excited to put things away as i am to get them out!) i feel inspired to make some beautiful new things.  and i’ve covered the entire desk in dark gray fleece so that those pesky little round ones don’t go rolling off…as much.

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viola gets dressed bust some stash

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