manifest your own destiny

April 10, 2010 at 7:44 am Leave a comment

we are all guilty of those thoughts: if only i had more (fill-in-the-blank: time, money, recognition, beauty, etc.) then i’d be happy; if only i had less fill-in-the-blank, then i’d be happy; maybe i’ll pursue my dreams when i’m older/richer/have more time; if i could just…

well here’s an idea: manifest your own destiny.  i’m inspired by enzo, the dog from the book the art of racing in the rain by garth stein.  ps – if you haven’t read this book, grab a copy, pull up a box of kleenex, and get reading.  i promise you won’t be disappointed.  or dry-eyed.

enzo got me thinking about really stopping and smelling the roses.  or the grass.  and on bad days, the…um… other stuff that’s out there.  and really seeing where you are.  then, follow enzo’s lead and look up.  keep your focus on where you want to go.  make it happen.

step number one: look around. appreciate the abundance around you.  i think it’s really important for us all to take stock on a regular basis.  i know that when i really look at my life, i see more than what shows up on paper.  i am more than the sum of my education, my bank accounts, my resume.  i am not my car or my house or my job.  they are all part of my life, but i am so much more.  and when i remember that and experience the goodness of all the intangibles that i have, i’m happier.  to quote sheryl crow: “it’s not having what we want; it’s wanting what we’ve got”.  we have pockets of wealth that we overlook, and i’m not just talking about financial ones.  we have loved ones who support us.  we have mad skills.  we probably have more time than we think.  and we all have dreams that need following.  which leads me to…

step number two: look up. i’m definitely guilty of falling into the trap of seeing what other people have and wanting what they’ve got.  but after appreciating the abundance around me, what do i want?  what are my dreams?  where do i want to go?  then…

step number three: go there. i could take a class to learn a new skill, run a faster mile, breathe more…but mostly i have to have the unwavering determination to do it.  *okay, there will be wavering, i just know it, but i’m taking a long term approach here.*  sacrifices will be made.  there will probably be swearing.  and lots of leaning on others when i’m not strong enough or don’t know how.

what a concept, huh?  and i’m sure, easier said than done.  that’s probably why more people don’t, right?

i’m going to try it anyway.


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