jammie pants for the delirious

April 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm 2 comments

this weekend, i was sick.  and though i didn’t realize it, apparently delirious.  i was inspired by dana’s beautiful pajama shorts tutorial over at made to make these.  how i got from her gorgeous inspiration to my, uh, finished project is anyone’s guess.  i differed from her pattern a little bit, in that i added a band of polka dot fabric to each leg in an effort to tone it down.  i guess you’ll just have to trust me that it was worse before.

no, no, you’re not seeing things; i did in fact make a pair of pajama shorts with mushrooms on them.  who knows, maybe i was delirious when i bought the fabric ages ago.  (that’s right!  all the fabric, elastic, and thread came from the stash, so i haven’t actually violated my april stash busting challenge agreement that i made!  it’s turned out to be harder than i thought not buying craft supplies for a month, but that’s another story.)

they remind me of the bloomers those silly yard “art” women wear.  you know, the ones that are bending over, presumably gardening.  what can i say: inspiration + fever + project runway marathon = these shorts.  oh you should’ve seen me pinning and matching up the seams like these are a garment that anyone will ever see.  ever.  they’re super comfy, but you’ll never see any pictures of me wearing them.  looking like it’s time for my medication is all well and good in the privacy of my own home, but you won’t see me asking to get institutionalized by wearing these in public.

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