man of the day

April 28, 2010 at 6:31 am Leave a comment

yes, ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the proud winner of the man of the day award.  i got this silly idea in my head last night because jason mowed the lawn after he got home from work.  i know, right?  i wanted to reward him, and after the idea of the crown got into my head, i couldn’t not do it.

and jason was such a good sport, he wore the crown all night.  and pretended that he liked it.

remember when crowns were fun?  we wore them at birthday parties and always wanted to get them from burger king.  then we’d wear them until they fell apart.  then we’d tape them back together and go off to save the world.

recapture the fun by making your own paper crown: i used a sheet of cardstock from the stash and cut it in half.  one piece formed the front (i just cut points into it).  the other half of the cardstock i cut in half again, lengthwise, to form the band and taped the paper together.  i had to whip mine up quick (while cooking dinner and before jason finished with the yard), so i just stuck on some stickers and stapled a ribbon around the base, but if you have more time (or kids to help), you could totally bedazzle it with whatever you’ve got: glitter, paint, stamps…the possibilities are endless!  it will be easier to decorate flat, before you form it into a crown.

i’d love to see pictures of your celebration.


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