peanut butter and awesomesauce

May 19, 2010 at 2:21 pm 2 comments

the other day, i found out that the house my husband and i want probably needs a brand new roof–sad!  and expensive.  then there was a little bit of a fight about what we were going to do about it, and i just wanted to go curl up in the corner and suck my thumb.

but instead, i made awesomesauce.

“what is awesomesauce?” you may ask.  well let me tell you: awesomesauce is the easiest, quickest, most delicious chocolate fudge sauce you have ever made.  or eaten.  whether you drizzle it over ice cream or eat it straight from the jar, it’s chocolate perfection**.  and i’m sharing my recipe with you.  you only need two ingredients and a heavy bottomed pan.  a whisk is a good idea.


8 oz. chocolate and 8 oz. evaporated milk

step 1: chop up the chocolate.

i prefer dark and i like the pound plus bar from trader joe’s, but you could use just about anything you like.  use a large, sharp knife to chop the chocolate.  hint: if you have an 8 ounce bar, before unwrapping it, lay it flat on the counter and hit it solidly but gently with the bottom of a pan.  then you don’t have to chop it.  cool, huh?

step 2: heat and stir in the milk

warm the milk to almost boiling; you want it to be about the same temperature as the chocolate to prevent congealing, unhappiness, extra work, and the errant curse word.

step 3: enjoy

easy peasy and oh-so-good!

drizzle warm awesomesauce over ice cream atop a warm brownie, pour liberally onto pancakes or belgian waffles, stir into hot coffee for a diy mocha, slather onto bread, cover yourself with it and ask a friend to lick it off, dip warm brownies into it, dip strawberries into it, lick it off the spoon, or my favorite: peanut butter and awesomesauce.  who needs jelly?!

gosh gee, what can’t you do with awesomesauce?!

i’m glad you asked!  awesomesauce should be not smeared on walls, inserted into dvd players, or used in place of concrete.  it should not be used as a patch-all for mid-east conflicts or serious marital problems.  that being said, i leave you to your own devices.  if you come with a new and inventive way of serving awesomesauce, i hope you’ll let me know!

**the most common side effect of consuming awesomesauce is a general feeling of bliss.  other side effects include happiness, weeping with joy, and wanting to be nice to other people.  you may feel like you have more energy after you eat awesomesauce.  other rare, but possible side effects may include wanting to live in an awesomesauce-coated world; if this feeling persists for longer than a few minutes, please see your doctor.  if you feel the need to consume more than one batch per day all by yourself, please exercise heavily, as over-consumption of awesomesauce can lead to weight gain and the inability to fit into your clothes.

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jujyfruit necklace it’s so cute!

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  • 1. Amy Hadley  |  June 5, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Holy goodness… that looks yum! And since it’s on a rice cake, does that make this a healthy snack?

    • 2. Amy  |  June 11, 2010 at 4:43 pm

      totes! personally i eat rice cakes ’cause wheat is not my friend, but if you say it’s healthy, then it’s healthy.


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