let’s make an owl tree topper

December 7, 2010 at 8:10 pm Leave a comment

this could get interesting…I’m inviting you to follow along as I make an owl tree topper.  I have no idea how this is going to turn out, so if you want to wait until I’m all done and then decide to join in, there won’t be any hard feelings.  if, however, you want to take the plunge with me, I would welcome the company.

so here’s the deal: I have looked for a tree topper for years now.  seriously, years.  the problem is, I don’t usually like them.  the choice seems to be angels or stars and there’s usually a lot of glitter involved.  now I’m a fan of glitter, but sometimes it’s just too much.  enter my friends Amy and Dan, who have topped their Christmakah tree with a monkey.  if they can do that, I feel free to do whatever I want.  hence the owl, which at least makes sense on top of a fir tree.  witness my muse, above.  in all likelihood, my tree topping version will look nothing like this–think more Hedwig-y than my shiny little friend here–but I’m just hoping it will be recognizable as an owl.

I picture this happening in three easy steps (or ending in a big gooey mess):

  1. gather materials and form the rough shape of the owl, covering it all in paper mache.  allow to dry.
  2. add details and fix any mistakes made the previous day.  allow to dry.
  3. paint.  allow to dry.
  4. put on top of tree, hope the weight of it doesn’t cause it to topple, and no one laughs too hard at the finished product.

okay, that’s four steps, but I feel like the last one doesn’t really count.

you in?  all you need is newspaper, a toilet paper roll, masking tape, flour, and spare time.  easy to come by this time of year, I know.  I’ll be posting my pictures tomorrow of step 1, so go get your materials and be ready to join in!


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easy holiday swag owl tree topper, step 1

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