studio redux, part deux

December 16, 2010 at 7:11 pm Leave a comment

while the owl tree topper is drying, I thought I’d share an update from the studio.  I finally got around to adding a more functional work space for making my jewelry.  yay!

before, I had a drafting table that didn’t allow for storage underneath it, meaning there was craft crap everywhere, but especially in the center of the room.

it was very hard to feel motivated in this space.  so after I saw this beautiful office makeover in real simple magazine, I realized I could do something similar.  my studio will never, ever look this neat, but I’m secretly hoping that after the photo shoot, this particular office never looked this tidy, either.  hey, a girl can dream.

gosh I love the colors of this room.  if only I had time and energy to paint yet another room…

Home office

so I cleared out my crap (check out all that wasted space underneath there!)…

after that, I put up the tracks so that I could create my own, personalized, highly functional happy place.  once I was finally able to find the studs to drill securely into, that is.  (ps, this project could involve totally screwing up walls and/or electrocuting myself, so I purchased a fancy pants studfinder that even warned me about electrical currents!  if you’re interested in attempting something like this, make sure you attach the tracks to the studs in your wall so that the desk doesn’t come toppling off onto you, crippling you and causing major–expensive!–wall repair.)

I used my trusty level to make sure that these guys were really straight up and down.  I don’t want stuff rolling around on my desk top!

now for the fun part…after removing the old legs from the desk top, I am re-purposing it by mounting it to the wall using brackets.  eco-friendly and budget conscious, huh?

I added more brackets and shelves to give you the final, blissful outcome.  look how much crap I can store under that bad boy!

other than it looking fabulous, I’ve also felt more like making things, not to mention I’m having an easier time getting to all my goodies.  want to see the business end of my studio?  click here.

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