sweet treats!

December 17, 2010 at 8:05 am Leave a comment

want to whip up these sweet treats?  they’re cute, easy to make, and most important, budget friendly.

I found most of my supplies at the dollar store and the others came from my stash.  you in?  here’s what you’ll need:

  • one peppermint candy stick
  • a sheet of colored paper–or even white–just to cover up the label.  I used scrapbook paper and cut it to 4 inches x 5 inches.
  • clear tape
  • ribbon (hint: wired ribbon is much easier to form a bow with), at least 20 inches per stick
  • an ornament
  • a pen to write on the ornament–I wish I’d had a paint pen, but I didn’t so I used a slick writer
  • a tag (and hole punch if it’s not got a hole in it yet)

grab your peppermint stick, paper and tape, and start wrapping.  I taped the paper to the candy wrapper first it to keep it from moving around too much.  then I taped it shut.

these bells were 8 for a dollar (!) but I wanted to personalize them, so I wrote ‘happy holidays 2010’ on each one.  you could personalize it with a someone’s name, too.  if you mess up you can erase your mistakes with nail polish remover and a cotton ball–just test a small area to make sure it doesn’t mess up your ornament’s finish first.  then punch a hole in the tag and slip the tag onto the ornament string.  I punched mine out with a cute little scalloped punch, but you can buy them pre-made, too.

tie the first part of the bow on your candy stick but before you do the second part, slip the ornament/tag combo over the top of the stick and place it so that the ornament and tag are both in front of and below the first part of the knot.

next, turn the candy away from you and position yourself so that you’re above it.  in the picture below, I’m holding it inbetween my knees, but if you can wrangle an assistant, so much the better.  what you want to do is tie the bow from above so that you’re tying it upside down: I swear this gives you the best bows and I don’t know why.  just try it, it works.  once you’ve got your knot tied, trim the ends and fuss with the bow so it looks right.  you could also not fuss with it at all and just let it stick straight out, trimming the ends so that it looks like a little bow tie or use a longer piece of ribbon and let the ends dangle down.

pretty easy, huh?  now go make a bunch…

…and give them to coworkers, neighbors, your mail man, tuck them in your sugarplum’s stocking, use them as place cards, or just leave them out in a pretty container by the front door.  festive and delicious!

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