veggies for very good girls

January 18, 2011 at 3:48 pm Leave a comment

this past weekend, the hubby and I ventured into l.a. for some dim sum, a milkshake, and a toy for me. okay, so that wasn’t the original intention, but I had admired this soft toy basket of veggies at the home of an actual child, and I wanted one for my own. we needed a few things at ikea anyway.

I played with it the whole way home, and it is now sitting happily in our kitchen.

I just love the details! in the assortment of goodies (mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, carrots) you also get a cucumber with a star detail, a leek complete with roots, and a head of lettuce with four removable leaves. ordinarily I eschew made-in-china-cheapies, but I had to have this. plus, you know, I was a good girl the whole trip.

thanks for letting me share! I’ve been working on my photography skills (finally getting a grasp on f-stop and shutter speed and what not), and this seemed like the perfect little shoot. if you’re interested in getting a set of veggies for yourself, check out ikea’s chidren’s section–the set was $8. next time we go, I’m getting the breakfast set!


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