quiz: the anal-retentive chef

January 28, 2011 at 1:19 am 1 comment

give yourself a point for every question you can answer with a resounding yes (even if it makes you want to laugh and/or cry hysterically). add a million bajillion points if you answer yes to #3. add up your score to see just how anal retentive you really are. like you don’t already know…

  1. has anyone ever, even jokingly, referred to you as martha stewart?
  2. were you secretly flattered?
  3. would you ever admit that?
  4. do people run away from you in fear as you move about the kitchen?
  5. has anyone ever called you a kitchen nazi? no, just me?
  6. have you ever told someone they didn’t chop something right?
  7. tried to show someone how to use a knife?
  8. been upset when they didn’t take it well?
  9. have you ever attempted a recipe from julia child?
  10. were you successful?
  11. seriously? you rock.
  12. do you own more than one kind of whisk?
  13. more than one flat or roux whisk?
  14. know what roux is?
  15. could you whip it up without a recipe?
  16. have you ever made petit-fours, you know, just for fun?
  17. do you want to learn how to make fondant covered  cakes?
  18. do you already know how?
  19. do you consider  yourself a glutton for punishment?
  20. would you say that a well made meal involves swearing, trying something new, and swearing some more?

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    […] sure if you can proceed without hair-pulling hysterics? take the anal-retentive chef quiz (mostly just for laughs). if you score anywhere from 1 to a million bajillion points, you are so […]


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