from drab to fab

February 12, 2011 at 9:56 am Leave a comment

take one perfectly functional but hideous adjustable height stool–probably from a dentist’s office–that i found for $15 at the habitat restore and add some sparkly lime green vinyl and you’ve got the most awesome studio stool ever. it was easy to do, too. just a staple gun and elbow grease.

to start, i took it apart and pried the two seat pieces apart so i could upholster them separately.

i just covered over the awful teal-ish color we’ve all seen under the backside of our oral hygienist. i stretched the bright green vinyl taut, starting by stapling at four equidistant points and then continuing to staple around the edge until it was all wrapped up. i did the same thing for the second part of the seat and then put it all back together.

ta-da! how awesome is that?

did i mention that it’s soooooo much more comfortable than the crappy old wooden stool i was sitting on. and super awesome. oh yeah.


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