grosgrain embellished flip-flops

March 11, 2011 at 9:03 pm Leave a comment

i’m a simple girl: i like flip-flops, patent leather, and a wedge heel. erm, just not in this combination.

i got these shoes from payless last year with the intention of adding a little something to them. they’re just so…meh. so they’ve sat in the closet, and not just because winter came between us. now that it’s warming up, it seemed time to tackle these bad boys.

so i grabbed my hot glue gun, about 2 yards of grosgrain ribbon, and these shoes. a half hour and a few folds later, i had these gorgeous things. ta-da!

grab your sad flip flops (even the ones that are worn out and yicky–you could totally re-invigorate them!), your hot glue gun, and some pretty ribbon in your choice of color. i’m currently totally addicted to grey, but you could use whatever you want.

start by gluing the ribbon onto the side in the opposite direction of the toe part of the flip-flop, then fold back over to make the first ruffle. secure with a line of hot glue and keep forming ruffles, of about the same size, until you get to the toe part.

once you get to the center, adhere the ribbon down the center. then fold ribbon to estimate how much you’ll need to form the center bow/ruffle and cut the remainder off. leave a little extra just in case.

now adhere ribbon to the other side and bring it towards the center, cutting the second piece of ribbon down the diagonal and adhering it.

next, form the bow and glue it down, cutting off any excess.

now here comes the hard part: deciding what to put in the center of the cute little bow. plain ribbon loop? a button? a fabric covered brad top? something else you dream up? i had the hardest time deciding–they were all so cute.

i ended up adding a simple fabric loop with a little hot glue; then i glued down the loops a little cause they were sticking up too much.

and i still had time to take them outside for a little sunshine romp in the grass!

if you make a pair, i hope you’ll share!


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