March 24, 2011 at 2:01 pm Leave a comment

this is me. right now. totally freaking out.

this is what my day looks like so far: make potato salad for shindig (at my house!) tonight. make hummus because that’s so much better than buying it. rethink that plan. clean house. gah! i just cleaned this house! whose dog keeps shedding all over the floor?! get crap off dining room table so we’ll have somewhere to sit. prep taxes for tomorrow’s early morning appointment with accountant. freak out because this is the first year i’ve filed business taxes and it’s really, really hard. the irs wants what?! freak out some more. have temper tantrum. go to dentist and get teeth cleaned. hope husband comes home early as promised because otherwise house will look tornado-stricken for get-together. entertain people all the while worrying about how late i’ll be up prepping taxes. drink too much wine and decide the irs can *&#!% it. rethink that plan. stay up into the wee hours crunching numbers because i’m really a weenie when it comes to standing up to authority.

just a guess as to how this is going to go.

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fill your house with flowers! hoo boy

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