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March 25, 2011 at 7:20 am Leave a comment


yesterday was a doozie that peaked with a complete and utter meltdown (we’re having 10 people over instead of 5?! there’s not enough time! there’s not enough food!) and ended with some late night irs love. the gathering went off without a hitch, and i did finally finish my taxes without too much trouble. erm, we’ll see what the accountant says today.

in the middle of it all i was sitting in the dentist’s office getting my roots planed. this is what happens when you’re very bad and avoid the dentist for a few years. (you can skip the lecture: i feel guilty and i’m paying for my sins). root planing is like a regular cleaning on crack. they really get down in there with their scrapey tools, so they convinced me to break the cleaning up into two sessions *and* get all numbed up.

well let me tell you, i am not a needle person. especially when that needle is crammed against a nerve in my jaw, wiggling around, releasing fluid. no thank you. it gets my heart racing with the anticipation, i get nauseous when they’re putting the needle in, then i feel light-headed after my adrenaline rush wears off. plus i chewed the heck out of my cheek without realizing it.

so after the first session, when my gums didn’t bleed and didn’t feel bad after the stuff wore off, i thought i’d ask if i could forgo the pain meds. they looked at me like i had two heads, but dove right in, asking every few seconds if i was alright.

and you know what? i was. not only was i alright, but i could feel what was happening, so i was better than alright. i felt like i knew what was going on in my mouth. instead of freaking out at every sound and slight sensation, i experienced only the mildest discomfort at all the scraping. worst part? chills from nails on chalkboard sensation. but no pain. and no freaking out.

so i’m thinking an epidural, as blissful as it sounds, will not be in my future. i’m too much of a control freak.

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