damn the torpedoes!

March 31, 2011 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

this weekend my husband and i decided to paint our bathroom. as an avid fan of diy shows and a general all-around spazz, i thought we should do a venetian plaster paint treatment. if you’re thinking “oooh, cool, that old world tone-on-tone plaster look,” you’ve been drinking the kool-aid, too. if you’re laughing, you’ve obviously tried this before.

let’s just say it has turned out to be way, way harder than even i imagined. two coats have turned into three and a half. plus a top coat. we were without sinks for several days so we could paint behind them. and we only have one bathroom. we brushed our teeth in the kitchen sink–like camping but at home! well, at least we didn’t have to unplug the toilet.

when i shared the drama with the nice paint mixer guy at home depot–on our third trip back for more paint–he said, “yeah, that’s a tricky paint treatment.” (understatement of the year, buddy.) he asked me how it looked, and of course i had to admit that it looks amazing, so he said, “well, at least you’re doing it right.” and i realized: i never even occurred to me that i wouldn’t be able to do it right. ego much?

we might need a bigger house, cause i’m not sure this one’s big enough for me, the hubby, and my ego.

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