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the sunburst earrings are back!

i decided to bring back the sunburst earrings, small little rounds that dangle from sterling silver earwires. in the original cheery citrine…

sunburst earrings in citrine

…in spring green peridot…

sunburst earrings in peridot

…and in a slightly larger size in rock crystal.

sunburst earrings in rock crystal

all are on the small side, measuring just over one inch in length. they’re light, so you can have tons of sparkle without the strain on your ears. i used petite sterling silver earwires to keep the focus on the sunburst. they ship free–and order by tuesday, may 3rd for mother’s day delivery.

here’s how i would pair them up without being too matchy-matchy:

sunburst earrings in citrine & yellow and grey agate necklace

sunburst earrings in peridot & green lotus necklace

sunburst earrings in rock crystal & princess necklace in rock crystal

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meet the princess necklaces

just in time for mother’s day…and graduation…and weddings…and even going to the grocery store in style…let me introduce another new collection: the princess necklaces!

for those times when a tiara is just too much

you may not be walking down the aisle on the arm of a prince anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle and shine with the best of ’em. available in three different gemstones–rock crystal, labradorite, and smoky quartz–each necklace is a little different.

rock crystal princess necklace

i made the princess necklace in rock quartz (goes with everything! doesn’t compete with embellish ed necklines!) with pear briolettes and rondelles for a very lady-like necklace. it measures 19 inches in length. just click on the picture for a direct link.

labradorite princess necklace

the labradorite princess necklace has a little spunk because i used rough cut briolettes to give it a more casual feel. this necklace measures 18 inches in length. if you’ve never seen labradorite before, get ready to meet your new best friend: it’s grey with a peacock blue luster (called labradorescence) that glows when light hits the reflective surfaces inside each gemstone. gorgeous!

smoky quartz princess necklace

for the smoky quartz princess necklace, i used briolettes and rondelles in this rich color. oh it just smoulders. sure, you could wear it to the office, but it really wants to go salsa dancing! it measures 18 inches in length.

did i mention that they ship free in the US?! each necklace is designed to last a lifetime, with a sterling silver lobster clasp for a secure finish. store these necklaces with your other crown jewels!

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mother’s day is on its way!

mother’s day is only two weeks away, hint hint, so i thought i’d share my mom’s favorites from my etsy store.

sand dune necklace

cherry blossom necklace

small citrine and smoky quartz bauble earrings

what are your favorites?

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doilies are cool again

it happened while i wasn’t looking: doilies became cool. not that long ago, they were gauche, grand-motherly, and reminders of a bygone era. it’s taken me a while to get on board this “new” trend, but now i can’t get enough. i wanted to share some cool doily crafts that you can make for your home. using paper or lace doilies, you can do lots of cool things. go snatch them up from the thrift store before they’re all gone!

love this doily lamp from dos family

doily table runner from ashly ann at the how-to-gal

using paper doilies as wrapping

make a dainty doily bowl

stiffen a doily with starch and form over a bowl

rustic doily luminary by crafts by amanda

click on any of the photos to link to the tutorials (if i could find them). and there must be a million more ideas out there! stiffen lace doilies with starch and form into whatever your heart desires or sew them together and use them anywhere you would lace. use paper doilies as templates, too, stenciling through them on cards or glue them to simple paper bags for luminarias. for more ideas on how to craft with doilies, check out these suggestions at martha stewart or these at country living

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i’m the type of girl…

…who thinks that simple can be harder than complicated. some of the artists i admire the most manage to capture just the right essence with minimal fuss. in my work, i strive to translate simple into lovely.

…whose favorite outfit involves jeans and a t-shirt.

…who thinks simple food, prepared with love is better than fancy food any day.

…who reads the ingredients; the fewer, unprocessed things, the better!

…who admires clean lines, classic shapes, and tone-on-tone and texture over pattern.

…who believes that simple, everyday things have a beauty and a rhythm and beauty all their own…if only we can take the time to see them.

…who enjoys the simple things: the clear sound of children laughing; good food and friends; camping under the stars; a really good hug.

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green at home and work

here’s what i do around the house to stay green:

keep re-usable bags in the car so we always have them at the store // recycle every scrap of paper, even the tiny tags from clothes // clean out and re-use glass jars (like from spaghetti sauce) to store leftovers in. bonus: no bpa! // use eco-friendly cleaners around the house, saving bleach for extreme conditions // use a washable dry mop in-between vacuuming to save energy // use a washable wet mop that i can fill with more eco-friendly cleaner // buy organic and sustainably grown whenever possible // time the sprinklers so they come on very early in the morning to minimize water use and loss // use low voc paints // we even did a bunch of eco-home improvements: installing insulation, a radiant barrier, a solar attic fan, and a whole house fan to cool off the house at night instead of relying on air conditioning. we weather-proofed the windows to keep the heat in in the winter and planted trees to provide shade in the summer

and in the studio:

save sterling silver scraps so they can be melted down and re-used // save boxes and packaging materials to re-use // work in natural light as much as possible // use ge reveal cfls at night // purchase sustainably mined gemstones // purchase farm-raised coral instead of depleting wild stores // use low-impact products like the natural pickle i use for soldering // make my own jewelry boxes without caustic glues. plus, they’re re-useable! // computerize everything instead of printing out tons of paper // photograph in natural light: it’s the best!

what do you do to stay green everyday? share your secrets!

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houseplants gone wild

note: this post could also have been titled “what i did last weekend”, “the removal of mr. stumpy mcstumpykins and his stumpy friends”, or “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. it was hard to choose exactly the right one, so i went with the one the hubby suggested, mid stump removal.

this weekend the hubby and i decided it was finally time to get rid of the stump that was left over from the ficus tree that we had taken down last summer. it used to look like a giant popsicle. then it looked like a crappy old stump in the middle of some dirt. it’s right by our front door, so…ya know, it was gross.

now i don’t know where you come from, but in my world, ficus trees are indoor houseplants. i’ll confess to never successfully raising a ficus tree in confinement. (too much water? not enough water? too much light? too much neglect? who knows!) but in our lovely town, they grow like weeds outside. we have a pair that are over 15 feet tall and still growing.

that's a lot of rocks!

so as we sat down to tackle the stump, our thoughts were roughly this: how bad could it be? (note to self: don’t ask that question next time. because you’re going to find out.)

the hubby hoists the heaviest ficus stump ever

foolishness aside, we really like the look of our covered dirt. we shoveled, we raked, we tamped, we covered with landscaping fabric. and then the magic: we poured on some rocks. oh it looks so good. and after all that effort, you know i had to share it with you! i spared you photos of our injuries (’cause ew), but they’re healing very nicely and i hardly notice the mangled finger when i look at my beautiful rocks.

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