the power of a smile

April 6, 2011 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

say cheese!

smiles–and happiness–are contagious (scientifically proven fact). just like sneezes and colds, they may have further-reaching consequences, too: you may be able to infect someone you never met with your happiness by making someone you know happy. then it travels just like a virus, infecting everyone they meet, only without the negative consequences like sniffles and stuff.

i think frowns may be just as contagious, only way less fun. i was picking up a few groceries this morning and noticed that almost everyone at the store was frowning or had droopy, sad faces. now i  know that tuesday morning can be as bad as monday, shopping for groceries sucks, and people have a lot of other things going on, but i. mean. really. everybody?

well, everybody except me: i like to walk around with at least a slight smile on my face, like i know a good joke. (a dirty one, cause i don’t want to look like a stepford wife). but i’ve read that smiling can boost your mood, make you more productive, and there seems to be some general e-consensus that it makes you appear more attractive and confident–and therefore successful. how can you not want a piece of that?!

note: i’m not advocating that you fake a smile, as that may actually be bad for your health. in fact, i’m a staunch opponent of faking it. if you need some help smiling, as we all sometimes do, look for happy friends and family, and surround yourself with them, like a warm cocoon of cheer. or do what i do: seek out a happy smiling child, preferably one that’s giggling. i’m sorry, but nothing is as infectious as that.



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