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drum roll puh-lease…according to my instyle magazine, circa this month, chandelier earrings are, like, so out and long drop earrings are soooo totally in. like, for real.

if instyle says it's true, it has to be true.

not wanting to be behind the times, i hopped right on this trend. okay, i’m usually behind the times. aaaand i’m not a huge trendsetter–though i was the first one to wear jellies to school in fourth grade–but i love the grandeur of this style and i’ve been looking for some earring inspiration, which has definitely abandoned me of late.

stardusters in rock quartz

so allow me to introduce stardusters…and let me just go ahead and get this word out of my system: sexy. because there’s really no other way to describe how these move and make you feel when you’re wearing them. i mean, sultry, hot, and gorgeous are just not gonna cut it here.

stardusters in labradorite

each finely faceted stone is wire-wrapped to create a single link, lending maximum movement to these earrings: when you move, they move. and sway. and shimmy. and….oh. my.

stardusters in rock quartz, showing wire detail

i finished off the trail of starry wonders with faceted briolettes of the same stone. they aren’t exactly shoulder dusters, as they measure in at a mere 3 inches in length, but they’re perfect for anyone not walking the red carpet or being followed everywhere by paparazzi. i’d wear them with this season’s messy up-do to knock-out and out-stun everyone around you on a special occasion, or with my hair down for just a hint of sparkle for everyday. even to the grocery store.

of course, they’re made to last a lifetime, with gorgeous gemstones and sterling silver. so, if for some odd reason, you feel you have to retire these at some point after this season, they’ll be waiting in your jewelry box the next time this trend comes around. though good luck getting me off this trend. it’s better than when i discovered platform wedges!

{it may interest you to know that almost 2 and a half yards of sterling silver wire go into each pair of earrings. it’s hard to imagine once it’s all wrapped up, but i counted, just out of curiosity.}

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