green at home and work

April 22, 2011 at 6:07 pm Leave a comment

here’s what i do around the house to stay green:

keep re-usable bags in the car so we always have them at the store // recycle every scrap of paper, even the tiny tags from clothes // clean out and re-use glass jars (like from spaghetti sauce) to store leftovers in. bonus: no bpa! // use eco-friendly cleaners around the house, saving bleach for extreme conditions // use a washable dry mop in-between vacuuming to save energy // use a washable wet mop that i can fill with more eco-friendly cleaner // buy organic and sustainably grown whenever possible // time the sprinklers so they come on very early in the morning to minimize water use and loss // use low voc paints // we even did a bunch of eco-home improvements: installing insulation, a radiant barrier, a solar attic fan, and a whole house fan to cool off the house at night instead of relying on air conditioning. we weather-proofed the windows to keep the heat in in the winter and planted trees to provide shade in the summer

and in the studio:

save sterling silver scraps so they can be melted down and re-used // save boxes and packaging materials to re-use // work in natural light as much as possible // use ge reveal cfls at night // purchase sustainably mined gemstones // purchase farm-raised coral instead of depleting wild stores // use low-impact products like the natural pickle i use for soldering // make my own jewelry boxes without caustic glues. plus, they’re re-useable! // computerize everything instead of printing out tons of paper // photograph in natural light: it’s the best!

what do you do to stay green everyday? share your secrets!

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