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fun hangover

pardon the extended absence, but i’ve been a little down since my return from my trip. i’m calling it a fun hangover–like a love hangover without the mess. to top it all off i am recovering from a hideous blitz of a cold/flu that involved a fever and tons of ickiness. i’m using my trio of soothers for sure.

this is what my head feels like

you know the drill: piles of tissues followed by piles of cough drop wrappers and pillows on the couch. now i seem to have passed it on to the hubby. sharing is caring!

anyhoo…i’ll be back soon with some fun new stuff, promise. now i’m off for yet another cup of tea. isn’t there a rule against being this sick when it’s almost summer? no? there should be.

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i’m back

hey friends, i’m back home, both happy and sad. happy because i’m back in my own house with my little family {and my super comfy bed}. sad because i miss my little brother and my extended family. my brother’s graduation was a great excuse for us all to get together, share some delicious meals, and build new memories.

time flies

as i’ve mentioned before, my brother is a super nerd. he received both the president’s award and the dean’s service award. his secret for keeping up a killer gpa and working may never be known {though he indicated that his social life got the axe a lot}.

he was pretty psyched to be done

well however he did it, we’re all super proud of him and are so glad we could be there to help him celebrate.

it was all smiles

we even went on a few adventures around missoula, where spring was just blooming. i felt so lucky–i got to have spring twice! we poked around town, drove into the bitterroot mountains, saw fort missoula, and tried to go to a ghost town that used to be a gold mining town.

you know you're in montana when there's a moose at graduation. {her name's bertha.}

did i mention that spring had just sprung? there was still snow in the mountains, so our trip to the ghost town became more of an adventure than we were looking for {a three hour tour…} when we got stuck in the snow. we did our best to get ourselves out, attempting a corduroy road, but eventually had to admit we needed some professional help!

thank goodness for reinforcements!

all in all, it was a great trip!

yeah, we had a good time

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false advertising

i have a shameful secret. it’s embarassing. it’s not sexy. and i hate it when it happens. don’t tell anybody, but i tend to get cankles while flying.

there, i said it. the downside to having low blood pressure {my doctor loves me} is that things don’t recirculate as well as i would like and it has to settle somewhere. unfortunately that somewhere is in the vicinity of my feet. hell-ooooo little piggies!

so this trip, i vowed to suck it up and purchase some compression socks, which is really just a nice-sounding way to say granny hose. what cracked me up about these, though, was the packaging. nobody buying compression socks thinks they’re in for a sexy treat, but the package is so misleading as to be comical.

false advertising at its best

i mean, look at her: she’s wearing pantyhose, opening a little box that i suspect has a ring in it, probably from the guy in the frame behind her. {awwwwww…}

but let’s get back to reality, where these things are clearly not “ultra sheer”, “stylish leg therapy” that make your legs “look as good as they feel”. unless your legs feel crappy, old, and granny-like, that is. {and yes, they go all the way to the knee. hot.}

oh yeah, these things are hawt!

let’s face it: no one will be proposing to me or fawning over me once they get a look at these bad boys. good thing i’m wearing jeans & boots. the only one who’s really seen these in action is the poor tsa guy who looked at my full body private parts invasion scan.

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how much are your toiletries worth?

unless you’re flying southwest, you have to answer this deep and troubling question. for me, it boils down to how much i can fit cram into a quart-sized plastic bag without it breaking open. for this short trip {of 6 days} i really wanted to check my bag so i could bring all my toiletries and have a chance of looking awesome in photos. but pay $50 for that round-trip privilege? au contrair bon jour. {to their credit, delta offers an online discount of $4, bringing the total to the low low price of only $46.}

i hate you, i hate you, i hate you

i don’t know about you, but i have no intention of paying $46 for deodorant, sunscreen, shampoo & conditioner, and mascara. but it sure is a challenge trying to cram it all in. i am the queen of small shampoo containers and excellent packing, but a quart-sized bag leaves much to be desired.

clearly tsa doesn’t care about a woman’s needs. what? mascara counts as a liquid?! gah!

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when i travel…

other than bolting out of the door at the last minute and doing my makeup in the car {not while driving you silly!}, i have a few other rituals that i always seem to follow when i fly.

this is how i roll

when i have a layover, i like to get an fancy coffee and a book i’ve been wanting to read. {sure, i could buy or borrow a book ahead of time, but i’m never that on top of things.} on this trip–to see my brother graduate from college–it’s a tall {decaf!} soy mocha from starbucks and ape house by sara gruen, author of water for elephants, {another book i read while traveling}.

what are your travel rituals?

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not all who wander are lost

this weekend, i’m off to montana to see my brother graduate from college. lots of other people will be graduating this weekend, too, but this is my little brother we’re talking about. {and some of us were worried this day might never come. to say my brother took a circuitous path to where he is now is like saying oddyseus took the scenic route home}.

okay, so he's not so little anymore

he’s getting a degree in forestry with high honors. no joke for the guy who dropped out of high school second semester of his senior year. {what?! who does that? you’re almost done!}

then he hiked the appalachian trail, worked, and–site unseen–drove out to montana to establish residency to start college. he will graduate with a better gpa than me, and i was a humongous nerd!

sibling rivalry aside…if you want to read more about his story, check it out here. he’s a pretty smart cookie and we’re awful proud of him. {now, anyway.} love ya brother!

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the downside of caffeine withdrawal

i so did not see this coming. one week off caffeine, i’m feeling good, then…

you know how caffeine is a natural diuretic? you know how the body reacts when that is taken away from it? you know i have to go to my brother’s graduation this weekend and can’t sit around in sweat pants, whining?!

time to start running again

{do you know how many gross images come up when you type “belly” into google images? i need to clean my eyeballs out with soap. also, do not look for “belly button tattoos”, because that’s just nasty. creative. but nasty.}

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hi. my name is amy. and i’m addicted to caffeine.

today i’m one week clean. {which probably accounts for my lack of posts last week} i have been addicted to caffeine for about 16 years. i’m taking it one day at a time–and it’s hard.

why?! everyone asks. for the love of all things holy, why?! well, i didn’t enter into this decision lightly, let me just tell you. i love caffeine, especially in coffee form, but i also love my sleep. i have wicked insomnia and it has been suggested to me over the years that cutting out caffeine entirely {insert groan here} might help. the jury’s still out as to whether or not that’s true, but i discovered some other interesting benefits to cutting out caffeine.

the best thing about ditching caffeine is that i am no longer beholden to it. i can wake up and go do stuff without waiting for my cup of coffee. i know, it’s not that long of a wait–mainly because the hubby is awesome and always gets up and makes the coffee–but it’s amazingly freeing. and you know what, i’m just as tired without caffeine as i was with it. so even steven on that one.

the oddest thing about going caffeine-free is that my depth perception is enhanced. {i know, it’s super weird, but i swear it’s true} last week i was having a conversation with someone and i was suddenly more aware of how their nose protruded from their face; how many levels of difference there were between their head and the background. it’s hard to explain, but it felt kinda like being high. and it’s a handy thing for an artist to have more acute perception.

yeah, kinda like that

so will i stick with it? probably. i told myself i’d give it two weeks. i can do anything for two weeks, i said. but i think i like being off caffeine.

{image here}

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mother’s day diy

looking for handmade mother’s day ideas? i’m thinking flowers and other sweet things…just click on the photos for a link to the tutorials.

rosette necklace from ohhellofriend

make mom a pretty necklace from fabric scraps! this one comes from oh hello friend. omigosh you could have one for every outfit. i mean, mom could have one for every outfit. yeah, mom.

chiffon roses from calamity kim

or how about some pretty chiffon roses? with a little hot glue, they could be turned into a brooch or an embellished head band. these pretties come from calamity kim.

rick rac rings from maize hutton

or how about some rick rac rings? these cute rosettes rings were made by maize hutton. how cute! you can get adjustable ring bases at a craft store, making these easy last minute crafts. not that you waited until the last minute…

shoes mark the passage of time from real simple

i wish i still had all my baby shoes, because i would make this shadow box! the idea comes from real simple as a way to re-use kid’s items, but i think this would make a really sweet mother’s day gift.

mmmm.....chocolate.....from cafe fernando

want to make something super sweet for mom? how about this 2 ingredient chocolate mousse (chocolate and water) that whips up in about 5 minutes. i know, right? it’s mother’s day everyday.

cute little polaroid magnets from ambrosia girl

and how about these adorable teeny polaroid magnets? dreamt up by ambrosia girl, made by you of family photos. now mom will have something to hold up all that art work.

family tree photo card from martha stewart

top it all off with a special card (or let this card be the gift). i mean, i hope you and your mom have established that anything you make is going to be fabulous and treasured, so take these ideas and run with them. mom will love them. then share pictures of what you made!

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thrifty finds

i had a great weekend that included going thrifting at garage sales and stores. i stocked up on doilies for all those crafts i have planned. gah! where to start?! but i also found some other great stuff.

check out mah doilies!

and this cool vintage french abc book. adorable!

push his tail and the coin goes in the bank!

the mechanical elephant bank was definitely a score. i didn’t really “need” it, but felt like i had to have it. so cute, so fun. and apparently, such a steal at $12.95. when i was checking out, the woman said these usually run $50-$60 and i thought, yeah right. but i looked this cute little guy up online and–whaddya know–this little guy runs about $50-$60! that’s not why i got it, of course, and i would’ve loved it no matter what, but now i have bragging rights!

what have you thrifted lately?

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