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as i approach “advanced maternal age” {aka 35} i find myself not feeling all that old. not that 35 is all that old, mind you, but it’s older than 30. and i can still remember a time when either of those ages seemed like a time when i would be put out to pasture. now i still feel like a whippersnapper but with the wisdom of an older woman.

but when i open my medicine cabinet, i see all the products i use to keep my face from telling my age. given that i still get carded, i think it’s working pretty well. {shush, i don’t want to hear that it’s a policy, just card me, make me feel young, and keep your mouth shut. even better, tell me i don’t look that old. thanks.} and you know what i realized the other day? almost all of my wonder products are natural and vitamin-based. and you know me, i thought i’d share.

my bag of tricks:

  • sunscreen. you wear it right? i didn’t start taking care of my skin until we moved to our sunny, semi-arid slice of southern california, where i promptly aged 10 years in a week. i’m talkin’ scary dehydrated emphysema lady with the haggard, deep-lined eyes old. now i’m a convert. i drank the kool-aid and i wear the sunscreen. you should, too, otherwise everything else is for naught. being super-sensitive, i opt for the non-chemical variety. i like neutrogena’s purescreen line.
  • vitamin c is amazing for fading dark spots and brightening up the tone of your complexion. i like c the change serum by kiss my face. get it here and save oodles.
  • glycolic acid cream. while technically not a vitamin, it does come from sugar cane, and we all know that’s good stuff. it sloughs off old cells while moisturizing. if you use it, make sure you wear sunscreen or you’ll get wicked burned. here’s what’s in my medicine cabinet. start slow, with a 5% cream, and work your way to the special old lady 10% level that i use.
  • vitamin k cream for dark circles. nothing says i’ve been up all night worrying about my advanced maternal age like dark under-eye circles, amiright? and this stuff is magic. i use it a lot in the spring when allergies leave me with two almost-shiners. plus it’s good for fading bruises elsewhere, so it does double duty. this is what i get.
  • vitamin a gel moisturizes my oily/combination/sensitive skin just enough. it’s good for acne and for wrinkles. it seems unfair to me that i should have both, but nobody asked me before blessing me with this combo. i use this stuff, but if you have drier skin, look for a cream.
  • vitamin e oil is all i use to moisturize around my eyes. i’ve tried the expensive stuff and it works about as well as this less-expensive stuff. plus you can use this oil for other dry spots or scars. my fave is this concentrated vitamin e oil by jason, which also contains some other good oils.
  • my homemade lotion. true story: the other day my neighbor asked me if i’d been working out and tanning. nope, but i had just put on some of my homemade lotion. the glistening tricks the eye, you see.

true story

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