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join me in celebrating my birthday with a sale in my shop. just enter the coupon code “CAKECAKE” for 15% off your purchase! {and remember: buy any 3 items of jewelry, get a free sunshine polishing cloth to keep it shiny. no need to do anything, it will just arrive with the rest of your goodies.} enjoy!


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happy birthday to me! {and a sale for you}

happy birthday to that cake?! cake!

it’s my birthday, and i’m feeling a little nostalgic, so i thought i’d do a recap of the highlights of my years on this little ball.

  • 35 years ago i was born. {i can run for president now!}
  • 34 years ago i discovered chocolate cake and an addiction was born. yes, my mother actually fed chocolate cake to a one year old. yes, she suffered the consequences.
  • 32 years ago i got a skunk puppet and named her paper…’cause she came wrapped in a lot of paper.
  • 29 years ago i started gymnastics. me and every other girl alive had plans to be the next mary lou retton.

he aint' heavy...he's in a laundry basket!

  • 28 years ago my little brother was born. yeah…he’s alright.

    oh yeah...i was gonna be a star

  • 27 years ago i was in our town’s production of annie.
  • 26 years ago my mom gave me a perm…to help calm my curls. let’s just say it didn’t have the desired effect.
  • 25 years ago i got fitted with my first set of braces.

oh even yesser. i was a cheerleader.

  • 24 years ago we moved {new jersey} and i got a whole new set.
  • 23 years ago we moved again {north carolina} and i got yet another set.
  • 21 years ago i finally graduated to retainers.

that's me and my grandpa, layin' down some beats

  • i also played the saxophone and went to band camp. twice.
  • somewhere in there i discovered beads. glorious beads!
  • 18 years ago i went to this nerd school. it. was. awesome. {i met the hubby there.}
  • 16 years ago i started college. i was going to get a degree in chemistry and be a vet!
  • 11 years later i graduated {a little late}, having majored in psychology.
  • later that year i started grad school for social work.
  • 9 years ago i started my first job as a social worker. {3 years later i burned out gloriously: you know i don’t do anything halfway!}


  • 7ish years ago i married my best friend.
  • 5 years ago i begrudgingly followed that same man to berkeley, ca. {3 days later i fell in love with the place and never wanted to leave.}
  • two years ago i got a tattoo, left berkeley {wah!}, and moved to sunny riverside, ca.
  • one year ago i moved into a cute little house with my own studio.

yep, that pretty much sums it up! and to thank you for being dragged going down memory lane with me, i’m offering you 15% off your purchase at my shop! just enter the coupon code “CAKECAKE” when prompted. {i wanted to make it” CAKE! CAKE!” but etsy won’t let me use exclamation points.}

it’s good on everything. and remember, i send you a free sunshine polishing cloth with your purchase of 3 items {you don’t have to do anything, i just send it to you}. it’s not too early to stock up for the holidays, is it? the coupon code will be good september 1, 2011 – september 8, 2011.

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