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happy halloween!

hope you’re celebrating in style!

here’s the owl pumpkin my mom and i carved the other night. {let’s carve an owl, i said. it’ll be easy, i said.} this is the greatly simplified version of the grand vision i had in my head. after much freaking out over how hard it actually was, plus a little despair that it would look nothing at all like an owl,  it turned out alright in the end.

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photos from the journey

having a great time, wish you were here! {not much time to write, but i wanted to share a few shots.}

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seven years flies by

look! what's that over there?!

yesterday the hubby and i celebrated seven years with a trip to the san diego zoo safari park, where we hung out with all the wild animals. before we could get on the tram, they had us take a photo, and i insisted we ham it up, especially because we had no intention of purchasing this cheeseball shot. in the spirit of our marriage, he went along with my goofiness, though you can see he’s not as into it as i am. typical.

it’s also how we’ve lasted as long as we have. me with my head in the clouds and him with his feet firmly on the ground, tugging at my ankles to keep me from getting too far gone.

we had a great time at the park, followed by a delicious mexican dinner, washed down by a pint sized margarita. {whoa} maybe not your typical romantic anniversary date, but we had a pretty awesome time. {though he was supposed to mime binoculars in the photo. oh well.}

seven years ago // sadie, the hubby, molly & me

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treasuries are fun!

have you ever created a treasury on etsy? i’ve only done a few, but i sat down with objet d’art” href=””>owls on the brain last night and whipped up one…and then another…then another. they’re super fun; it’s like curating your own little museum of whatever inkling’s in your head. try it! {and just click on the images to go straight to these treasuries.}

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objet de crap –> objet d’art

i recently had a conundrum: find owl art {that didn’t make me gag} for a friend’s birthday. he’s a suave guy, with modern leanings, and while i found tons of owl doodads, i couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me. enter: spray paint. it allowed me to transform a solid thrift store find into a lovely objet d'{modern}art.

objet de crap
plastic primer
spray paint {krylon apple green // satin}
gloss finish
cork for base

to make your own, grab a ceramic/plastic/wooden/metal objet de crap from your local thrift store or maybe even your own house. {i’m not judging.} no matter what your surface is, you need to clean the objet to de-grease and remove any dirt/residue. then i recommend prepping the surface further following these techniques here. {consider using a primer on metals and plastics and any unpainted wood: primer helps paint stick and keeps colors from bleeding through. yes, it costs a little bit more and takes more time, but it is soooo worth it.}

with this base, you can use any color on plastic

get to the store to pick up some spray paint. my little owl was plastic and the plastic paint selection was boring old primary colors, so i grabbed plastic primer along with my paint color: krylon in apple green. they only had it in satin and i wanted super high gloss, so i also picked up  a can of clear gloss.

prime your plastic objet, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. even though you’re only priming, follow the golden rule of spray paint and you will not be sad: use multiple. overlapping. light coats. also, don’t get too close. or stop moving the can. {do these things and you can avoid glops, drips, and boogers. promise.}

congratulations, now you have a primed object de crap

i sprayed this little buy from above and, when he dried a little, flipped him over to spray from underneath.

next up: color! using the same golden rule, apply your color. if you don’t like the finish {matte/satin/gloss} that your color comes in, hit it with a clear top coat in your desired finish. i wanted this owl to be super shiny, so i put on a gloss top coat.

to finish my little owl up, i glued a piece of cork, cut to size on the base with E6000 glue. it gave it a finished look and hid the fact that he stuck to the cardboard a bit on the base. such an easy diy and a big hit with the birthday boy!

now i’m looking at thrift store finds in a whole new light! so many {previously hideous} things could be transformed. if you want more inspiration, check out this post by jessica wilson on craft.

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sew funky: recap

here she is, in all her glory

i think my feet have finally stopped hurting, my back is getting less achy, and i caught up on some sleep this weekend. but boy, was the sew funky market fun! it was hard to set up a booth all by my lonesome {with the hubby out of town, i had to haul everything in–and out–myself} but i had a great time anyway.

the place was packed with vendors and crammed with shoppers, but everyone handled the crowd well. there was so much good stuff, like this adorable owl pillow from meagan of fairly fabulous; clutches and bags by paper from heaven; and the sweet embroider hoops above by lauren of lauren elise handcrafted. {lauren’s booth was like a breath of fresh air and i wanted everything in it! don’t you just love her displays?}

i enjoyed hanging out with my neighbor vendors darlene of etheloos and shannon of lee.f. {you may remember we picked up a mustache pillow from lee.f last time; this time i came home with a wooden kid’s toy for those kids i don’t yet have.}

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last minute news

i’m counting down the hours until the sew funky marketplace this weekend. despite taking on additional responsibilities this week, i think i’ll actually be ready, which means i won’t be pulling an all-nighter to prepare like i did for the last sew funky. it helps that i have most of my booth already finished from previous shows, as well as having everything tagged and carded. still, i wanted to add some new goodness to my set-up.

i finally got around to adding the doilies to my tablecloth. they’re currently glued on. maybe by the next show i’ll actually have them sewn on. we’ll see. time always seems to get away from me…

i’m happy to be bringing the first of the jewelry display boards to this show, too. took me long enough, right? {oh the trials and tribulations of the perfectionist.}

lastly, i’m halfway through whipping up a batch of paper fortune cookies to offer as little giveaways.

if you’re in southern california and can make it to the show, please stop by and say hello! it’ll be twice as big as last time, but still located in the riverside marriott ballroom, from 9:30-3 on saturday the 8th. hope to see you there!

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