objet de crap –> objet d’art

October 14, 2011 at 1:00 am 1 comment

i recently had a conundrum: find owl art {that didn’t make me gag} for a friend’s birthday. he’s a suave guy, with modern leanings, and while i found tons of owl doodads, i couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me. enter: spray paint. it allowed me to transform a solid thrift store find into a lovely objet d'{modern}art.

objet de crap
plastic primer
spray paint {krylon apple green // satin}
gloss finish
cork for base

to make your own, grab a ceramic/plastic/wooden/metal objet de crap from your local thrift store or maybe even your own house. {i’m not judging.} no matter what your surface is, you need to clean the objet to de-grease and remove any dirt/residue. then i recommend prepping the surface further following these techniques here. {consider using a primer on metals and plastics and any unpainted wood: primer helps paint stick and keeps colors from bleeding through. yes, it costs a little bit more and takes more time, but it is soooo worth it.}

with this base, you can use any color on plastic

get to the store to pick up some spray paint. my little owl was plastic and the plastic paint selection was boring old primary colors, so i grabbed plastic primer along with my paint color: krylon in apple green. they only had it in satin and i wanted super high gloss, so i also picked up  a can of clear gloss.

prime your plastic objet, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies. even though you’re only priming, follow the golden rule of spray paint and you will not be sad: use multiple. overlapping. light coats. also, don’t get too close. or stop moving the can. {do these things and you can avoid glops, drips, and boogers. promise.}

congratulations, now you have a primed object de crap

i sprayed this little buy from above and, when he dried a little, flipped him over to spray from underneath.

next up: color! using the same golden rule, apply your color. if you don’t like the finish {matte/satin/gloss} that your color comes in, hit it with a clear top coat in your desired finish. i wanted this owl to be super shiny, so i put on a gloss top coat.

to finish my little owl up, i glued a piece of cork, cut to size on the base with E6000 glue. it gave it a finished look and hid the fact that he stuck to the cardboard a bit on the base. such an easy diy and a big hit with the birthday boy!

now i’m looking at thrift store finds in a whole new light! so many {previously hideous} things could be transformed. if you want more inspiration, check out this post by jessica wilson on craft.


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