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apple picking

yesterday we headed to the sierras with some friends for a little apple picking in oak glen. it might have been raining/sleeting/snowing/slushing, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time! {though it did stop us from doing the u-pick thing. we settled for going home with two pre-picked bags of apples: pink ladies and arkansas golds.}

our first stop was snow-line orchard, where we promptly noshed on their fresh-from-the-fryer donuts and hot apple cider. {which was a good thing, ’cause it was 32 degrees outside!} the little ones {and me} enjoyed watching the donuts come out of the fryer, and there was some discussion as to how over-the-top it would be to install one in our house. {too much?}

there was everything apple-y you could imagine: 16 varieties of apples, 3 flavors of apple cider, apple butter, apple syrup, apple jam, apple pies & tarts…in addition to our apples, i picked up a bunch of apple twigs, which will become something crafty, and one of their original labels, printed in 1950.

there were changing leaves as we drove along, a corn maze, pony rides…all things we would have loved to explore had it not been so incredibly wet. but we managed to stay warm and somewhat dry, ducking into a bakery to peek at their mile high apple pies, and ending the trip at a little mexican restaurant for delicious tamales and time together.

ps: thanks to stacy reynolds for the tip on heading to oak glen!

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sweet & simple philosophy

short, sweet, and oh so right on.

i first spotted this on pinterest via jennifer brashear. but it had no link to the creator of this beautiful image. after much sherlock holmes-ing, i find that we can thank drake for the words, ben liney for the photo {his work is gorgeous!}, and jessica tierney for putting it all together with a gorgeous font. good collaborative effort, right?

{click on the photo to be transported to the image.}

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change of seasons

it’s raining here in sunny southern california, which officially marks the change of seasons here. we don’t get leaves for peeping to mark the passage of time, but it’s officially fall when it no longer gets above 85 during the day. instead of winter we get a wet season. {then spring is a repeat of fall and summer is hot with a side of broil.}

after visiting north carolina, i am reminded {once again} of how lovely it is to have a visible reminder of the passage of time. something to look forward to and a treat to remember. a sign that something new is coming.

i mostly mean the turning of the leaves, and their eventual fall. i miss their beautiful colors {though i don’t miss the clean-up}; how one tree can be green at the bottom, yellow in the middle, and red at the crown. and then the individual leaves and the desire to preserve each one in its perfection.

and the piles of leaves: raking them up just so you have something to jump into. {admittedly, this is more fun when you’re a kid, just as snow is more fun when you don’t have to shovel it. don’t think i don’t remember the unfun part of seasons!} looking up into the clear, crisp sky on a cool afternoon it’s possible to forget that the changing leaves herald the cold of winter and just marvel at the jewel-like colors.

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inspiration everywhere: sea creatures

sea dragon shot by me

oooh, i just love the amazing beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom, especially those that live underwater. above is my attempt to capture a weedy sea dragon in super low light {thank goodness for photoshop} from my visit to the seahorse exhibit at scripps aquarium in san diego. to see more fabulous creatures captured by a professional photographer, check out the beautiful photographs of mark laita in his new book sea. my favorite is the octopus!

octopus by mark laita

thanks lauren for the facebook share! {i just love discovering stuff my friends think is cool.}

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