enter the dragon

January 24, 2012 at 12:18 pm Leave a comment

fyi: this is my year. i’m kicking ass and taking names.

i’m a dragon. and i will be taking full advantage of this lunar year. {how cool is it that i’ll be in asia during the fifteen day celebration of the new year?! totally unplanned.} but i digress. i have big plans for this year. business and personal plans of epic proportions {like r.o.u.s.es but a lot less gross}.

just so ya know.


{hey, want to get some of these sweet hi-rez digital polaroid frames for your very own? check out fuzzimo. they’ll even show you how to use them in photoshop. oh, and they have other cool stuff, too.}


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this is me. not travelling. in other news…

whatcha thinkin'?

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