photos from the journey…

January 31, 2012 at 6:55 am Leave a comment

last night we went down to the waterfront for a lunar new year carnival. on the way there we spotted some silly little buildings {the artscience museum and the marina bay sands: someone missed the harbor but apparently there’s a giant infinity pool on top so i guess they can be forgiven for their architectural choices}.

once the sun went down, the lights came on and it was much the same as a carnival back home. it had the prerequisite kiddie rides–including some that would never be allowed stateside–cotton candy {called cotton floss here}, and all the light-up, animatronic goodness you could ever want. afterwards we splurged on a kilo {that’s over two pounds} of chili crab, which is messy enough anyway, but downright hysterical when eaten by two westerners with chopsticks.

went for a long solo jungle hike today, and i quickly worked up a nice lather from the combo of heat, humidity, & uphill climb. {but every time my inner princess whined about being too hot or too sweaty or feeling tired, i just told her to shut it and reminded her that i’m way more awesome than that.} and i was rewarded when a troop of long-tailed macaques came across me on the trail. it was sort of magical how they ignored me and let me take photos. they must’ve played for about half an hour all around me before taking off. they were so much fun to watch and so quick that i didn’t get too many photos but i managed to snap these two.

tonight we’re off to a night safari, where i imagine i won’t be able to take too many pictures, what with it being night and all. a good day all around!

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