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February 2, 2012 at 12:33 am Leave a comment

i should be out taking in the sights. i should be at a museum or a temple or a market. *but*…it’s raining and i’m feeling a little mentally overwhelmed from all i’ve seen and eaten in the past five days. so instead i’m kicking back in my hotel room, watching the rain fall softly outside, and enjoying my pretty new pedicure. {and writing this blog post.}

the past few days have been a whirlwind of ethnic neighborhoods, houses of worship, and food {omigosh the food. sometimes it’s just too much umami for one stomach}. of course i’ve had a fabulous time but it’s so much sensory overload, so i’m using the rain as my excuse for a little down time. later i plan on hitting the market for fresh fruit and–if it stops raining–returning to the botanical gardens.

monday night’s safari was nothing short of amazing. lions, tigers, and bears, of course, but also hyenas, leopards, hippos, elephants, flying foxes, tapirs, civets, and fruit bats. the hubby and i must’ve spent half an hour in the fruit bat enclosure, watching them feed up close. those things are huge! we could’ve reached out and touched ’em except for our desire to keep our body parts. {i have such a love hate relationship with zoos, but the animals here seemed pretty well cared for.}

tuesday we were treated to a lion dance here in our hotel. it’s a pretty elaborate dance in which the lion “gives” oranges {or tangerines} to symbolize luck, wealth, and happiness and “eats” lettuce, which symbolizes wealth. it also means loud drums and sweaty men stuck under a giant furry lion puppet. it. was. awesome.

then it was off to lunch with a friend and shopping on arab street and in little india. oh, the fabrics! beautiful silks {got some}, sari fabrics, batiks, and the most fabulous lace i’ve ever seen. 100% cotton and at $200 a meter, it was also the most expensive lace i’ve ever seen. still. it was lovely. then it started to rain and we popped into a turkish cafe for coffee.

after the rain let up, we strolled by the mosque and into little india. we saw stalls full of amazing vegetables, men making flower garlands by twisting glowers and rafia together, and so many plastic ganeshes. after much hemming and hawing, i decided on yet another textile {really, it’s all i’m taking back!}. i don’t know what i’ll use it for, but it was sooo pretty. despite being exhausted, we stayed for dinner and ate channa masala and palak paneer served directly onto banana leaves {no plates!}. yum.

yesterday i got my pedicure and did a little shopping. tomorrow we’re off to cambodia. today? i’m just tired!


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