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nancy sinatra style

when people ask me what i do, i tell them i’m a jewelry designer. kind of like dressing for the job you want, i figure if i just keep telling people that i make jewelry all day long eventually that’s what i’ll be doing. but as you know, bills don’t pay themselves. lucky for me i have the best. job. ever. i get to play with toys, read books, hold hands, and feed duckies at the park. don’t tell my boss, but i can’t believe i get paid to do this! {sure, my days are also filled with diapers, {occasional} crying, and boo boos, but those aren’t all that bad.} right now my boss is ten months old and sweet as she can be. she’s a calm and brave little explorer with more patience than most adults i know. she’s also very up front about her needs and may be even better at communicating them than some grown-up bosses i’ve had.

andy warhol // by ruth

i’ve always worked with kids in one capacity or another: in a classroom, as a soccer coach, or during my short stint as a social worker. {being a nanny is so far my favorite way of hanging out with developing minds, and it’s certainly less stress than social work.} what i’ve learned is that if you can see through their eyes, the world is a much more interesting place. kids are often seeing/hearing/touching things for the first time, and that discovery is pretty exciting. hang out with them long enough, and more wonder creeps into your life.

extract happiness // by beverly ealdama

and we could all use a little more of that.

images found here and here {both via jennifer brashear on pinterest}


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