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April 13, 2012 at 2:56 pm Leave a comment

i’ve been struggling for some time now to show off the dazzling colors of my gemstones. i hand select every single stone that goes into my pieces, so i really want their beauty to shine. i’ve tried photographing in full sun {bad idea, fyi, but that was early on}. i’ve tried photographing in diffuse natural light {good idea, but limited to solar cooperation}. i built my own cardboard box contraption lightbox and learned how to set the white balance on my camera {both simply genius really. wish i’d learned those tricks much earlier}. but i still couldn’t get the dazzling colors to come out…until now.

what’s changed? placement. that’s all. i needed to show light coming through from behind the stones as well as from the front. {i’d tried both separately, but by hanging my jewelry at the front of my lightbox, i can get light from behind and in front of the jewelry. ta-da!

a simple change but–i think you’ll agree–a big difference.



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