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April 21, 2012 at 5:26 pm 1 comment

the new and improved lightbox

i thought i’d take you behind the scenes of my photos. all of this gets cropped out of what makes it to the shop, but it’s very important stuff going on here behind the curtain.

i’ve recently upgraded from a cardboard box to these nice white {reflective} pieces of foam core. the pieces are hinged with clear tape, so i can even fold it up and hide it away {as this is also the table where i do my soldering, this is very important}. i can drape any color back drop i want onto it with a clip, or i can bring in more white foam core for the bottom and shoot in all white, which is great for eliminating shadows. but most importantly i can shoot any time of day or night because of those high powered halogen work lights. {they’re hotter than all manner of things that a lady shouldn’t say, so i’m thinking about switching to led, but they sure were cheap at $9 a piece from home depot.} if i want to shoot larger items, i just raise the lights up on boxes so that the light is higher.

the secret behind removing the glare from these ultra bright lights is this drafting film, which i got in big 2 x 3 foot sheets from a local art supply store. this film is translucent, heat resistant, wipe-down-able {this is in the garage after all}, and it won’t tear. i’ve cut windows out of the foam core and taped them into the frames.

plug in the lights, custom set my white balance, and i’m good to go. {if you want to figure out how to set your camera’s white balance, do a quick internet search for “set custom white balance” including your camera’s details.} you could even set this outside or in front of a big window and shoot in direct sunlight if your camera won’t let you set your own white balance.

not including the velvet backdrop, i figure this whole set up cost me less than $40. {2 halogen work lights at $9 a piece + 3 sheets of foam core at $3 a piece + 2 sheets of drafting vellum at $3 a piece + that hanging light with another piece of drafting vellum over top of it at $5 + clear tape.}

if you’d be interested in a tutorial for how to put your own together, i’d be happy to oblige. {just let me know in the comments.}

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