that's me with viola, my lovely model

as with so many things, it’s all my mother’s fault.

when i was little, i would die a little inside when i would hear my mom say, “we could make that”. this would always be pronounced loudly about some item at a store: scrunchies, necklaces, clothing, art. in my teen years, i was mortified. what would my friends think? ah, the 80s, such a beautiful time for handmade.

but, inevitably, i turned into my mother.

by the time i was in middle school, the 90s were in full force, and i was riding the bus downtown to spend my allowance at our town’s bead store. then i started making jewelry to give as gifts. my tastes have changed over the years but my love of creating with beads has lasted.

what inspires me?

just about everything: sunsets, the colors of flowers, yellow and white street markings on faded asphalt. mostly i like working with natural materials, like semi-precious stones (garnet, citrine, and peridot, for example) and sterling silver, but sometimes i find something that’s just fun, like vintage lucite. then it has to come home with me. sometimes inspiration comes from the beads themselves–i see them in the store and think, “oh those would be perfect with the chunky turquoise nuggets i have.” i love color and detail (perfect example: my closet is organized first by type of item and then by color). in my handiwork this translates into all things tiny and intricate and well-made. i am intrigued by many different styles, so sometimes that means my collection looks a little eclectic.  buy hey, a girl’s gotta have something for each mood, right?

the here and now

lately i’ve got a store on etsy and am still creating custom pieces, primarily for weddings. the newest addition to my craft crap–as it is so *lovingly* called by anyone who has ever had to help me move it all–is a butane torch and soldering materials for making my own findings, like headpins and jump rings. this means even more of the handmade touch can go into my jewelry. ’cause you know, i could make that.

craft crap?!

yeah, a lot of it. it has its own room. i like to sew and am forever impulse buying fabrics, then lovingly storing them organized by–you guessed it!–color. i also love papercrafting, though i’ve never actually completed a whole scrapbook. but paper holds limitless possibilities and i love making cards, tags, and the little origami boxes that my jewelry ships in. and don’t get me started about my ribbon addiction. or paint. or calligraphy. sigh. and an eye roll from the hubby.

what’s in a name?

it’s about where i call home: north carolina (state flower: dogwood) would be how i’d answer the question ‘where do you come from?’ but california (state flower: poppy) is where i live and it feels more like home now. so, being the relocation expert that i am, i thought my business name should reflect a little bit of me without being called something like “used to want to be a vet” or “couldn’t hack it as a social worker”. so…dogwood & poppy.

got anymore questions?

shoot me an email at dogwoodandpoppy@gmail.com and ask. you never know, the answer might end up right here.

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