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follow your heart

sorry i haven’t written for so long, but i’ve been a bit busy setting up my booth at crafted and then sloooowly getting my life back in order, doing the things i put aside {vacuuming anyone?} in the mad dash before the grand opening. i finally took pictures of my booth and some of my favorites in my little neighborhood, and i can’t wait to share those with you, but today i wanted to share this simple idea: following your heart is scary.

so many times over the past month, people have told me how brave i am or how lucky i am to have the chance to have a teeny little store to sell my jewelry. but i want you to know that at no point have i felt brave {though i do feel lucky at every turn}. i have felt nervous, anxious, afraid, worried, and downright scared. i have felt despair that i would never get it all done. i have felt a deep-down bone-chilling fear that no one would like my stuff, no one would buy anything. i have been unable to sleep because what-if-i-can’t-pay-my-rent? what-if-this-is-a-total-flop? {i feel comfortable sharing this with you because my worries vanished the moment the doors opened on our first weekend. i have been successful beyond my wildest dreams–replacing my old worries with new ones–and i have been extremely lucky to have this opportunity.}

but it’s been hard work, risk-taking, and believing in a crazy idea that’s gotten me this far. perfect timing then that this should arrive in my inbox today: a video from tara sophia mohr about how to identify your calling. about not having it all before you start down your own path. about making it up as you go along. {can i tell you how much of that i’ve been doing?!}

oh there have been more times than i can count that i’ve thought that i couldn’t or shouldn’t do this. there have been financial risks and personal ones. and then there’s the vulnerability of it all. i don’t think you can know–until you look back–that you’re for sure doing the right thing. but you for sure can’t look back until you’ve done it. so go for it, follow your heart, and let me know how it turns out.

images found here and here.

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true // shahir zag

lately i’ve been overwhelmed with the reality of setting up a permanent space. {liability insurance, licenses, signage, the commute.} lately i’ve been wondering what i was thinking. lately i’ve been getting ready for saturation fest. lately i’ve been staying up late into the wee hours. lately i’ve been exhausted all. day. long. lately i’ve been at peace.

{apologies for being out of touch, but lately i’m just one ball short of a juggling disaster.}

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so. much. fun!

hey there! i’m having a great time at my class at the crucible, honing my existing techniques and learning some valuable new ones. check out the fun times i’m having:

furnace // the crucible

last night i went to the fireside lounge at the crucible, where i got to check out all the different fun techniques they teach: leather work, wood work, metal smithing, black smithing, welding, glass fusing, neon…so many fun possibilites! {plus my friend ben was demonstrating his corpse reviver, the coolest kinetic cocktail making machine ever.}

playing with texture // in class

class started with playing with stamping and hammering metal to texture it.

fun copper ring // a little kate spade-ish, no?

we got to play more, and i made this fun ring. i like to think of it as a manly kate spade ring. i’m honing my soldering skills and learning all those things you can’t pick up from a book or youtube. {why didn’t i take classes before?}

my favorites samosas!

for dinner i got to eat at my favorite indian restaurant and–even though they’re not gluten-free–i had samosas. totally worth it.

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little miss know-it-all

roger hargreaves was a genius*

i have a bad case of i-know-how-to-do-it-myself-itis. it goes nicely with my know-it-all-ness.

it makes it a challenge to delegate, among other things: invite others to help in the kitchen, hire someone to paint the house, let the hubby bathe the dogs. yep, i’m a control freak. occasionally i wonder what i’m missing by not trusting others…like free time. {i’m feeling the pressure of that this week, especially.}

i’m trying to get better at admitting that i don’t know everything, i really really am. to that end i’ll be taking some jewelry making classes this summer. i’m heading back to the lovely bay area for two classes at the crucible. next weekend i’ll be learning how to saw, chase, and solder…things i taught myself and sort of know how to do already, but i’m hoping that i can learn how to do them better. then next month i’ll head back to learn how to carve my own wax designs and then cast them, which would mean i could make my own sterling silver charms and pendants, making my jewelry more my own creation.

and who knows, maybe in the process i’ll become a little less flawed.

~augusten burroughs

*though i was surprised to find out that he didn’t actually make a little miss know-it-all. huge oversight, i think. {yeah, i would say that, huh}

augusten burroughs quote found here via pinterest.

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weekend wrap-up

what a weekend! friday night we went to see an amazing cellist {and i don’t say that lightly, having gotten more than my fair share of classical music in my youth}. but zoe keating is not your average cellist. she uses looping and computers to create layers of sound, making her sound like her own small orchestra. it’s pretty amazing. i would not have believed that it was just one person had i not seen her in action. {check out this video to hear her talk about her art. i love how she sees herself as part of her music!}

saturday morning we had a little yard sale, which mainly gave us an excuse to hang out with some fabulous friends. in the afternoon i gave in to extreme exhaustion and took a nap. i woke up in time to watch the muppet movie. a great day all around.

the hubby // looking dapper

sunday we headed to laguna beach to spend some time with good friends who are about to move {to hawaii, don’t feel too sad for them!}. it was a cool, overcast day. we ate fish tacos and played with their little baby. a great mini getaway.

these next few weeks are looking busy and mother’s day is coming soon! please order by next tuesday to get your jewelry in time!

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let's celebrate!

remember how i applied to be part of crafted at the port of la? well, friend, i was accepted. {when i found out yesterday i used an overabundance of exclamation points and now, it seems, i’ve exhausted myself.} in honor of that, i think we should all have a gluten-free cupcake with this cute mini pennant topper from sweet paul, made with vintage stamps. i know i’m going to be figuring out a way to squeeze a small celebration into my plans over the next few days.

{tomorrow we’re having a yard sale, then visiting friends at the beach on sunday. how ’bout you? doing anything fun?}

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having it all

a wise woman once said that you can’t have it all all at once. *sigh* around here that seems to mean that if i’m busy working, the house is just not going to be all that clean. sanitary, yes, but not tidy. piles of craft crap on the dining room table, unfinished projects spilling out of the studio, and probably some dishes on the counter. i just did the most cursory of vacuuming non-extravaganzas and it’s just going to have to suffice. someday we may even get some pictures on the wall around here, but that seems unlikely anytime soon.

what do you give up to do what fulfills you?

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joy thief


i’ve been stewing a little over here in some jealousy juices. first, a friend made some jewelry that is so amazing that i just watched her work zoom to another level. second, i heard the great news that lint & buttons is getting press. then, the whatifs started sneaking in my ears. you know the ones. they whisper: “what if you’re not good enough?” “what if you’re not original enough?” “what if nobody likes you{r stuff}?

ah, the anxiety. i’d argue with those blasted whatifs, but there’s no point. they’ll just come up with another question and another question and pull me off track from actually doing something. then i wouldn’t get anywhere. {i’d be lying if i said i’m not currently feeling anxious, but i’m trying to fight through it by doing stuff. there’s no better cure, as far as i’m concerned.}

so i’m off to do stuff. and today’s mantra needs to be more like this:

images via ryan flynn and little old me {no really, i took that picture and added the font. rumi gets credit for the amazing words, though.}.

April 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm 2 comments

and here’s the big news…

i promised you big news, and here it is. i’ve decided to apply for crafted, that permanent marketplace i told you about. fingers crossed that i’m accepted! {we’ll know in two weeks, won’t we?}

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weekend wrap up

hey there! did you have a great weekend? i hope so.

i mostly ended up working, but the hubby and i made time for a date night saturday night. we went to the drive-in and watched the hunger games. i’d never been to a drive-in before: it was fun! {also the movie was pretty good. now i have to read the books.} sunday i cleared away the mess in my studio and made a few new pieces. the doggies got a much needed bath and i topped off the weekend with a nice hot bath for myself. {with junior mints and a good book.}

those pieces will be up in the store soon. and just in time for mother’s day i’m offering a deal on my key to my heart necklaces in sterling silver and bronze & gold-fill. they’re $10 less than usual but still include free gift wrap and shipping. let me know what you want to say and i’ll include a note, too!

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