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joy thief


i’ve been stewing a little over here in some jealousy juices. first, a friend made some jewelry that is so amazing that i just watched her work zoom to another level. second, i heard the great news that lint & buttons is getting press. then, the whatifs started sneaking in my ears. you know the ones. they whisper: “what if you’re not good enough?” “what if you’re not original enough?” “what if nobody likes you{r stuff}?

ah, the anxiety. i’d argue with those blasted whatifs, but there’s no point. they’ll just come up with another question and another question and pull me off track from actually doing something. then i wouldn’t get anywhere. {i’d be lying if i said i’m not currently feeling anxious, but i’m trying to fight through it by doing stuff. there’s no better cure, as far as i’m concerned.}

so i’m off to do stuff. and today’s mantra needs to be more like this:

images via ryan flynn and little old me {no really, i took that picture and added the font. rumi gets credit for the amazing words, though.}.

April 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm 2 comments

and here’s the big news…

i promised you big news, and here it is. i’ve decided to apply for crafted, that permanent marketplace i told you about. fingers crossed that i’m accepted! {we’ll know in two weeks, won’t we?}

April 17, 2012 at 6:49 pm 1 comment

weekend wrap up

hey there! did you have a great weekend? i hope so.

i mostly ended up working, but the hubby and i made time for a date night saturday night. we went to the drive-in and watched the hunger games. i’d never been to a drive-in before: it was fun! {also the movie was pretty good. now i have to read the books.} sunday i cleared away the mess in my studio and made a few new pieces. the doggies got a much needed bath and i topped off the weekend with a nice hot bath for myself. {with junior mints and a good book.}

those pieces will be up in the store soon. and just in time for mother’s day i’m offering a deal on my key to my heart necklaces in sterling silver and bronze & gold-fill. they’re $10 less than usual but still include free gift wrap and shipping. let me know what you want to say and i’ll include a note, too!

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socially awkward much?

yup, that's me

it’s true, my first stop at your house will be to bend down and pet your animals. {yes, even before i say hello to the humans.} it’s not that i don’t like you, i just like your pets more. true story: when i was a kid i would walk down the street whistling to the birds, trying to communicate with them, ala snow white. i always envied her ability to get birds to just sit on her finger. {still do, if i’m totally honest.}

thanks gemma correll for your fabulous illustration that speaks to the heart of me. found here via a house in the hills.

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taxes schmaxes

every year i am reminded that my slacker laissez faire filing system is a a bad idea. every year i am reminded that my technique of procrastination is a bad idea. yet every year i tuck my receipts in a folder {just one step up from a shoe box, really} and wait till the last minute to do my taxes. inevitably there is much swearing, hand-wringing, and cleaning as i procrastinate doing my paperwork even more. {it’s *amazing* how clean the house is right now.}

no more i say! {right now anyway} i’ve already started entering this year’s receipts into the computer, with the hopes that i will continue till the end of the year and have a much easier time of it for 2012 taxes. maybe. hopefully. {it could happen.}

if you have any tips, tricks, techniques, or ways to bribe yourself into doing boring paperwork on a regular basis, please share. please.

image found here {via michele h. wilson on pinterest}

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my other job

nancy sinatra style

when people ask me what i do, i tell them i’m a jewelry designer. kind of like dressing for the job you want, i figure if i just keep telling people that i make jewelry all day long eventually that’s what i’ll be doing. but as you know, bills don’t pay themselves. lucky for me i have the best. job. ever. i get to play with toys, read books, hold hands, and feed duckies at the park. don’t tell my boss, but i can’t believe i get paid to do this! {sure, my days are also filled with diapers, {occasional} crying, and boo boos, but those aren’t all that bad.} right now my boss is ten months old and sweet as she can be. she’s a calm and brave little explorer with more patience than most adults i know. she’s also very up front about her needs and may be even better at communicating them than some grown-up bosses i’ve had.

andy warhol // by ruth

i’ve always worked with kids in one capacity or another: in a classroom, as a soccer coach, or during my short stint as a social worker. {being a nanny is so far my favorite way of hanging out with developing minds, and it’s certainly less stress than social work.} what i’ve learned is that if you can see through their eyes, the world is a much more interesting place. kids are often seeing/hearing/touching things for the first time, and that discovery is pretty exciting. hang out with them long enough, and more wonder creeps into your life.

extract happiness // by beverly ealdama

and we could all use a little more of that.

images foundĀ here and here {both via jennifer brashear on pinterest}

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loose ends // wits’ end

great magnet from a great company

today i do not feel like a smart woman. {even though i own tons of products from smart women.} *sigh*

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