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you’re invited!

mark your calendars! save the date! plan to join me!

the grand opening of crafted is coming up at the end of this month on the 29th of june. that’s just two and a half weeks! i’m moving in on saturday, then spending the next two weeks getting everything in tip-top shape. i’ll have new and exciting jewelry to share with you, and i know you’ll want to check out all the other amazing vendors. and get this: parking and admission are free, free, free.

and for those of you who have turned your nose up at san pedro in the past {guilty!} come give it another sniff. it’s super cute.

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sneak peek: crafted booth set-up

the school desk is ready for its close-up

i’m happy to report that all that time spent building, sanding, and painting is starting to pay off. my little booth space is taking shape, through the purchase of a few new-to-me fabulous finds {an old school desk! sewing table legs!} and by getting more mileage out of previous purchases.

oldies but goodies

i’m sanding down an old stool that i’ve had for at least ten years and giving it it’s third paint job. i’ll be using the shelves and shutters that i’ve used at previous shows {like here}, freshening them up with some nice new paint. {and those old wooden crates that i love so much? they don’t need a thing.}

all this table needs is a little spray paint

i’m reusing my color scheme, too, sticking with neutrals to let the jewelry take center stage. my gray cloth backdrop can now be translated into painted walls {sooooo excited–this warm grey is what i’m leaning towards . and though i’ve always used natural elements {like linen and rocks} i’m bringing in even more with wood elements in the checkout area, tables, and some display pieces.

a bird’s-eye view of the space

i’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, and much faster than i thought it would. with any luck, i won’t be running around like headless chicken leading up to the grand opening {eek! june 29th!}. there will be a few surprises that i won’t unveil until then, but i wanted to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come!

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what i learned

holy cow, i had so much fun taking that class last weekend. i learned so much, but i’m really glad that i had already been playing around with soldering because there is so much to learn that i’m sure a weekend wouldn’t have been enough. it was nice to already have some of the basics down {anneal, quench, pickle, work, repeat} so that i could practice honing my skills. having one on one instruction from a great teacher is invaluable.

working with a proper torch and bench set up {as well as amazing tools that i can’t yet afford} i was able to do some pretty fun stuff. it’s inspired me to build my tool collection. my friend gave me a new torch head that i’m itching to try out {just need to pick up the right gas} and this week i took the financial plunge and bought a jewelers flex shaft, complete with foot pedal for maximum fun. vroom, vroom! {this will allow me to drill, sand, and polish pieces.}

probably the most valuable thing that i learned is that i can do this, given enough patience, some sleep, and a few sips of caffeine. i’m hoping to be able to bring rings like these, which both started from a flat piece of sterling silver sheet metal, to my etsy shop soon.

just as soon as those tools arrive…


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let's celebrate!

remember how i applied to be part of crafted at the port of la? well, friend, i was accepted. {when i found out yesterday i used an overabundance of exclamation points and now, it seems, i’ve exhausted myself.} in honor of that, i think we should all have a gluten-free cupcake with this cute mini pennant topper from sweet paul, made with vintage stamps. i know i’m going to be figuring out a way to squeeze a small celebration into my plans over the next few days.

{tomorrow we’re having a yard sale, then visiting friends at the beach on sunday. how ’bout you? doing anything fun?}

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new photo backgrounds

curly soft maple reminds me of sand dunes

after taking you behind the scenes, i thought i should share another new photography development: yesterday i went to the fancy lumber store in town and picked up some remnants {yes! lumber stores have them, too!} for a steal. i picked out woods that were visually interesting to me in three fairly neutral tones: a light {curly soft maple}, a medium {lacewood}, and a dark {wenge}.

lacewood makes me think of feathers

as beautiful as they were unfinished, i went to work sanding them and putting a single coat of danish oil on them. i wanted to get rid of any future splinters and give the wood a slight luster and boost with the oil. i only coated one side, so now i have not three but six different backgrounds depending on what looks best.

wenge is a dark beauty

i may have freaked out when the oil darkened this wenge soooo much, but in the end i was very happy with how it turned out. look for them soon!

i like the subtle {but natural} interest the wood adds!

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behind the scenes

the new and improved lightbox

i thought i’d take you behind the scenes of my photos. all of this gets cropped out of what makes it to the shop, but it’s very important stuff going on here behind the curtain.

i’ve recently upgraded from a cardboard box to these nice white {reflective} pieces of foam core. the pieces are hinged with clear tape, so i can even fold it up and hide it away {as this is also the table where i do my soldering, this is very important}. i can drape any color back drop i want onto it with a clip, or i can bring in more white foam core for the bottom and shoot in all white, which is great for eliminating shadows. but most importantly i can shoot any time of day or night because of those high powered halogen work lights. {they’re hotter than all manner of things that a lady shouldn’t say, so i’m thinking about switching to led, but they sure were cheap at $9 a piece from home depot.} if i want to shoot larger items, i just raise the lights up on boxes so that the light is higher.

the secret behind removing the glare from these ultra bright lights is this drafting film, which i got in big 2 x 3 foot sheets from a local art supply store. this film is translucent, heat resistant, wipe-down-able {this is in the garage after all}, and it won’t tear. i’ve cut windows out of the foam core and taped them into the frames.

plug in the lights, custom set my white balance, and i’m good to go. {if you want to figure out how to set your camera’s white balance, do a quick internet search for “set custom white balance” including your camera’s details.} you could even set this outside or in front of a big window and shoot in direct sunlight if your camera won’t let you set your own white balance.

not including the velvet backdrop, i figure this whole set up cost me less than $40. {2 halogen work lights at $9 a piece + 3 sheets of foam core at $3 a piece + 2 sheets of drafting vellum at $3 a piece + that hanging light with another piece of drafting vellum over top of it at $5 + clear tape.}

if you’d be interested in a tutorial for how to put your own together, i’d be happy to oblige. {just let me know in the comments.}

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new things: rings!

a garden for your fingers


at the urging of lovely ali of amarilo, i’ve put my adjustable garden rose resin rings in the shop. {thanks ali!} these are resin roses that i hand cast, drill, and place on an adjustable sterling silver band that i’ve hammered for texture and strength. just in time for summer, they’re available in ocean blue, avocado green, and cloud {ivory}.


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