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beauty in tiny details

have you seen the beautiful pictures of microscopicness at nikon small world?! some of them are just amazing photos, and others remind me of other things {like the semiconductor that looks like an antique japanese painting}. some are creepy cool and others are windows into tiny worlds. if you want, you can vote to help choose the winner for this year {and while you’re there, check out some of the past galleries}.

water droplet containing a pair of mosquito larvae // dr. john h. brackenbury

temora longicornis (marine copepod) // dr. jan michels

the tiny bits that make up sand // yanping wang

cross-section of sugarcane root // debora leite

down feather // harry leung

semiconductor wafer surface // dr. pedro barrios-perez

chemistry was never so pretty // lars bech // 1996 winner

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gearing up!

i’m gearing up for sew funky marketplace! this time it’s twice as big, so they’ll be lots of goodies to check out. and there’s that big holiday coming up…

come join me october 8th at the riverside marriott from 9:30 to 3. all the new additions to the booth will be waiting for you to see.

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what the fuss?!

here’s all the info for the sew funky marketplace! hope to see you there! {if you’re nowhere near southern california, i’m willing to accept a rain check until i’m closer to you.} someday soon i promise to bombard you with father’s day ideas, recipes, and cards instead of all this craft fair stuff. pinky swear.

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trash to treasure

some people see yard waste. i say grab your glue gun, baby, cause we’re making a wreath!

this is the time of year when twigs are easy to come by. so instead of pitching them, grab several handfuls and fire up your glue gun.

start by making a square from the biggest twigs (about the size of your pinky works well) and glue them together.

continue adding and gluing….

…until you like the the way it looks.

you could leave it the way it is, or grab those dried out eucalyptus branches from an old bouquet or whatever else you have lying around the house and hot glue it on.

woohoo! you’re done! now go hang it somewhere for friends and family to ooh and ahh over.

February 10, 2011 at 4:39 pm 1 comment

cinco de mayo

happy 5th of may!  i don’t celebrate mexican heritage so much as my love of margaritas.  so i thought i’d share my recipes for homemade margaritas.  below are the quick and dirty version (easy!) and the all-out-martha-stewart version of sour mix and simple syrup.  add a little tequila and you’re ready to celebrate, amigos!

you know those pre-mixed margarita mixes?  yuck.  too sugary (or high-fructose-corn-syrup-y) and not lime-y enough.  and expensive.  that doesn’t sound like you, does it?!  so skip the costly versions and head on over to the frozen juice aisle, where you’ll find cans of frozen lime-ade.  stock up when they’re on sale and you’ll always have the makin’s for this quick and dirty recipe:

or go all out (best prepared ahead of time so the simple syrup can cool) and wow your friends with this a-maz-ing made from scratch mix.  it really is the best.

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happy earth day!

let’s celebrate by going outside and enjoying it!  take a deep breath of fresh air and feel the sunshine (or the rain) on your face.  here’s a little inspiration…

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big box goes eco-friendly

say what?!  i heard on the radio today that walmart now offers organic cotton clothing.  and despite some troubles, they’re selling organic produce.  never though i’d see the day.  i’m a target girl (mainly ’cause it’s closer to us) and did you know that if you bring your own bags, they give you 5 cents off your total per bag?  for me, the biggest benefit is not having so durn many empties kickin’ around the house.  but i love saving money, too!  keep bags in your car or hanging on your door so you always have them with you (or remember to take them with you).

hate all those produce bags, too?  here’s a cool tip from sprouts, our local store for bulk foods: hang onto clean bags for produce and bulk foods; keep them neat by stuffing them into an empty paper towel tube.  then just pop them into your cloth bags, and voila!  handy, eh?

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