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so fun, i had to make three

oh gorgeousness.  these simple sterling silver victorian scrolls became swoon-worthy with the addition of a few dangly gemstones.  i started with rich red garnets and couldn’t stop!  so i made a second pair with spring green peridot and then a third with aqua apatite.  want a pair in your color?  i’d be happy to make another pair…just for you!  these will be up at my etsy store soon.

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wow! who knew?!

march is colorectal cancer awareness month.  american red cross month.  women’s history month (celebrate international women’s day on march 8th) .

it’s got the first day of spring, national reading day (celebrating dr. seuss‘s birthday on march 2nd), and texas independence day (yeehaw! get the day off in texas on march 2nd).  new mexico celebrates pluto planet (?!) day on march 13th, we all celebrate the assassination of julius cesar during the ides of march (march 15th), and–pinch me!  kiss me!–who could forget saint patrick’s day, another excuse for hallmark to make green, on march 17th.  and of course, there’s the annual christian rite of biting the heads off chocolate bunnies.  i mean, easter.

march has its own flower: the narcissus, a pretty little plant that forces it’s way up through the earth around this time of year as it insists that it is, finally, spring.  if you’re in macon, georgia, celebrate the cherry blossom festival march 19-28.  if you’re in japan, watch for “blossom forecasts” and go out and and have a picnic as you engage in hanami, the custom for enjoying the beauty of flowers (also usually cherry blossoms).

and then there’s the beautiful birthstone of march: aquamarine, pictured above in a wire-wrapped pendant with rock crystal, apatite, and a deep blue swarovski crystal.  look for it soon at my etsy store!

and don’t forget to save a spider on march 14th and drink up for world water day on march 22nd.

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amethyst revisited

i’m not a huge fan of purple.  i think it stems from the time when i was a kid and i got stuck with the cabbage patch kid with the purple dress (a friend got the pink one.  blerg!  i think our parents took turns trying to get them at toys-r-us).  but if you darken purple up like a sky at sunset, it’s one of my favorites!  and it’s february’s birthstone.

for these earrings, i’ve used two different metals to bring out the darker, edgy side of purple.  in the ones on the left, i’ve paired amethyst and iolite with gunmetal.  they’re available at my etsy store for $20 USD.  the ones on the right have carved amethyst beads and iolite combined with antiqued sterling silver wire that i burnished to bring out a bit of shine.  they are available at my etsy store for$26 USD.

i will donate $5 for each item purchased through my etsy store to the aid organization of your choice for haiti. participate in ‘hearts for haiti’, too–add my store to your favorites list and i’ll donate $1 to red cross.

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january’s gemstone in two fun shapes!

garnets are gorgeous!

i decided to use these rich red semi-precious stones in both of these earrings.

the hoops (left) are made of micro-faceted garnets for maximum sparkle.  i added a few bali sterling silver spacers at the bottom of each hoop and wrapped it all up with sterling silver wire.  they dangle from sterling silver earwires for a total length of 1.75 inches.  they’re available at my etsy store for $30 USD and would make a great valentine’s day gift for that special someone.  like yourself!

the cluster earrings (at right) are made of a medley of garnets and freshwater pearls.  each bead is individually wire-wrapped with sterling silver, giving these babies a little movement.  they’re available at my etsy store for $44 USD.

i’m still donating $5 for each item purchased through my etsy store to the aid organization of your choice for haiti. participate in ‘hearts for haiti’, too–add my store to your favorites list and i’ll donate a $1 to red cross.  you’ll need an account, but it’s free!

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good things!

by which i mean what tends to come in small packages (as opposed to any reference to ms. stewart–no offense martha).

i just made these little cuties, and i think they are so sweet.  just the right amount of sparkle from a petite package due to the micro-faceting of the garnets i selected (january’s birthstone!).  i wire-wrapped them with sterling silver wire so they wouldn’t be too saccharin, then i dangled them from sterling silver earwires.  they remind me of little cherries.

they measure in at just 1 inch (!), including earwires, and are available at my etsy store for $22 USD plus shipping & handling.

perfect for little girls, big girls, january babies and mommies, sweethearts, or bridesmaids (i can make multiples of these pretties)!

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turquoise trend

this pair of turquoise necklaces show off december’s birthstone.

i chose turquoise, bright green jade and faceted deep blue sodalite for this one-of-a-kind necklace. the center stone is a beautifully striated turquoise drop. thai silver spacer beads and a sterling silver lobster clasp complete the necklace.

necklace is 19 inches long.

it’s available at  my etsy store for $46 USD plus shipping and handling.

coral and turquoise encircle your neck in this necklace inspired by the sea and all its secrets. tiny glass drops peek out from between the turquoise nuggets. beautifully hammered sterling silver toggle clasp pulls it all together.

necklace is 17.5 inches long.

it’s available at my etsy store for $46 USD plus shipping and handling.

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drops of sunshine earrings

dropsofsunshineearringsdelicate hand-wired clusters of faceted citrine beads dangle from sterling silver ear wires, for a total length of 1.5 inches. the stones deepen in color from top to bottom, beginning at the top with a single faceted moonstone and cascading down to deep citrine. all wire is sterling silver.

these earrings are featured at my etsy store for $32.00 USD plus shipping and handling.

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