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sneak peek: crafted booth set-up

the school desk is ready for its close-up

i’m happy to report that all that time spent building, sanding, and painting is starting to pay off. my little booth space is taking shape, through the purchase of a few new-to-me fabulous finds {an old school desk! sewing table legs!} and by getting more mileage out of previous purchases.

oldies but goodies

i’m sanding down an old stool that i’ve had for at least ten years and giving it it’s third paint job. i’ll be using the shelves and shutters that i’ve used at previous shows {like here}, freshening them up with some nice new paint. {and those old wooden crates that i love so much? they don’t need a thing.}

all this table needs is a little spray paint

i’m reusing my color scheme, too, sticking with neutrals to let the jewelry take center stage. my gray cloth backdrop can now be translated into painted walls {sooooo excited–this warm grey is what i’m leaning towards . and though i’ve always used natural elements {like linen and rocks} i’m bringing in even more with wood elements in the checkout area, tables, and some display pieces.

a bird’s-eye view of the space

i’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, and much faster than i thought it would. with any luck, i won’t be running around like headless chicken leading up to the grand opening {eek! june 29th!}. there will be a few surprises that i won’t unveil until then, but i wanted to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come!

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boutique wrap-up

for those of you who couldn’t make it to the little penelope lane boutique this past weekend, i wanted to share a few photos of my booth {the pared down, less-is-more, easier-on-the-back version}. check out those doily runners i finished up on friday.

i was working solo {the hubby was out of town} so i didn’t get a chance to take photos of all the booths, but i was able to shoot my neighbors.

and what fine neighbors they were {some of my favorites!}: justin & lisa of lint & buttons, april of marine parents, and brittany & heath from a handcrafted home.

lint & buttons {crochet & leather fabulousness}

the fabulous things from lisa & justin of lint & buttons. {i came home with a new red leather cuff}

{cotton beauties} from marine parents

the lovely pouches and camera straps from april of marine parents. {i picked up this yellow & grey camera strap}

{great home decor} at a handcrafted home

and the amazing home decor from brittany at a handcrafted home. {no room in the car, otherwise those chairs…} i wish i’d gotten you a close-up of the pretty tiered trays she makes, though, they’re really fabulous. for more goodness, check out brittany’s blog. it’s filled with good ideas for diy home rehab.

a big thanks to sarah {of little penelope lane} & nancy for putting this show together. look for more little penelope lane boutiques coming soon!

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as you know, i went on a little thrifting jaunt last week, and i picked up loads of goodies. i found a few more things for my booth {as well as some lovely things to have around the house}.

i found this great egg basket {a bit of a splurge, but i couldn’t resist!}, which i think will be a great place to store & display those handmade jewelry boxes. i may give it a coat or two of clear sealant so it doesn’t get any rust on the boxes, but otherwise i think it’s just perfect with its years of wear.

i picked up a few more silver trays and doilies. i really want to make something like this or this with all those doilies {the collection is getting pretty big}, if i can find the time.

and i couldn’t resist this old crate–i’ll use it to add height to my table display and tote things around to shows–because of its dovetail corners and the fact that it once contained explosives. {you know me, i love it when something has a story behind it.}

for our kitchen, i snagged this pyrex bowl in perfect condition for only $2. maybe it’s not even vintage, but it looks cute and will add nicely to my small pyrex collection.

when i saw these bright, cheery enamel bowls, i had to bring ’em home. i’ve been having a thing for enameled aluminum lately, which started with the perfect mug for the hubby’s shaving soap. wouldn’t these make the best play mixing bowls for a kids’ kitchen? {now all i need are the kids!} and how about that cherry red cast iron trivet? at $3 it just jumped into my hands. i’ll fix it up with some little rubber bumpers, now long gone, to keep its feet from scratching.

what have you scored lately?

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vintage-y finds

putting together my booth for the sew funky marketplace has been stressful but fun. choosing the colors was easy, but what about the tone? what do i want to say? {i know, i take myself too seriously.} but you know that sensation when you walk into a room or a store and everything goes together and evokes a feeling? that’s what i’m going for.

to that end, i am trying for a nature-inspired, simple-but-not-boring, vintage-but-not-thrift {or worse, antique-and-stuffy}, classic-and-timeless-but-not-dull, open/airy/fresh kind of a thing. yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh. we’ll see how it goes. but i thought i’d share with you some of my finds from this week’s raid of all the area thrift/vintage/antique stores. maybe it’ll give you a sense of where i’m going.

they had almost all the right letters

i’m super excited about this find: wooden printers’ letters that spell out dogwood & poppy! {i know, i know, these would actually spell bogwoob & poppy, but it looks better this way. trust me}. they were a buck a piece but i had to have them anyway. they were missing another “o” so i’m thinking of making a crepe paper dogwood to stick in its place. and the printers’ drawer?

sweet display items, both a steal

that was only $18. i know, right?! and this after i was kicking myself for not buying the $45 one i was saw last month. and that cute little wooden box with the cute little wooden closure?

reduce, reuse, recycle, drink whiskey

it’s made of old whiskey boxes. awesome. it was a bit of a splurge at $10, given that no one other than us will get to see this important detail. i’m still on the prowl for old wood crates {i wouldn’t pay $25 for them at the shi-shi antique store} to add some height to my display, and some tiered wire baskets to hold my handmade boxes, but i’m well on my way.

i'm all set for mirrors

don’t you hate it when you go to a booth or store and there’s nowhere to check out how fabulous you look in something? me too. i got these three lovely mirrors for a song {$20 for the standing/swiveling one, made out of brass/bronze and working on a nice patina; $8 for the hand mirror, which is silver plate; and $5 for the mirrored tray, which will probably get a spray paint face lift to make it look a little older.}

more doilies!

i think i almost have enough doilies now to do something like this lovely table runner for my booth. these are all painstakingly made by human hands, old enough to be stained and a little worn, and all less than $3 a piece. most were only $1.

oh yes it is

and–i’m sorry–is that a dogwood blossom?! i didn’t really need this pressed aluminum bowl, but it does kinda go with the theme. $4. maybe i’ll put a few rings in it.

oh my heavenly goodness

and while i wasn’t looking for anything for myself, i found it of course. i’ve been wanting a seth thomas wind-up clock from the 20s/30s but don’t have the spare $500 lying around. today i found this electric guy for $12. i’ll re-wire it, get a piece of glass cut for the front, clean it up a bit, and put it on our mantel, where someone thoughtfully installed an outlet howevermany years ago. and that book? polyanna from 1913. i paid $2.75, which ought to be illegal, but i’m not telling. it’ll go with my small but growing collection of old hardback children’s books that were my faves growing up.

phew, that was long! that’s a lot of stuff, huh? do you have a favorite thrift/vintage/antique find of late? do share!

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