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angkor wat in photos

i have finally finished editing my photos. {actually, i finished a few days ago, but there was an unexpected lingering traveler’s, um, gift that required medical attention. i’m fine now, but let’s say that sometimes the cure can be as bad as the disease!}. and i wanted to share them with you. {i’m *dying* to share my medical story with you, too, but the hubby says it’s just. too. gross. so i’m sparing you. you probably have a good imagination anyway.} these images, plus many more, are up on my flickr page.

trying to capture all the sweeping grandeur of each temple seemed futile. for that i bought a lovely postcard. besides, you know i’m a detail-oriented gal. i stuck to photographing the smaller–but equally compelling–details of each place.

every temple had lions. so i have lots of photos of lions.

the lotus blossoms in the pools in front of angkor wat were pretty, even when shot in the heat of the day. they were wilting just like us.

i told you i wanted to ride an elephant. and i did. i also spent time petting them. they are such cool creatures.

the “driver” steers with his feet against the elephants ears, and the elephants just plod along.

and the buddhas. so many super cool buddhas.

these are the best of what’s up on flickr so far. i’ll work on getting our second day up there soon.

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faces of cambodia

i’ve been simultaneously recovering from jet lag and furiously editing photos. i think i’m at the point where i can actually share some from my fabulous trip. {have i told you that i’m already scheming about going back? it was that good.}

yesterday someone asked me what the most beautiful thing was that i saw…and the answer came so quickly: it wasn’t the temples or the sweeping expanse of jungle, it was the people of cambodia. a quick trip down history lane will tell you that cambodians have not had the easiest time recently. a visit to the country will show you that most people live in meager conditions, often without what we would consider the basics like clean running water. yet they are some of the most generous and kind people i have met on my travels. {and hard-working? even in the heat of the day they are pushing their wares with a fervor that would put any american worker to shame.}

it makes ya think about how much we have and how little we appreciate it. it’s the same kind of sensation that i get after camping. {oooh! warm water showers! soft, comfy beds! electricity!}

every day when i wake up, i think about how i live in the lap of luxury. i wake up every morning on the other side of windows and screens from bugs that won’t make me or my family sick. i get out of bed and don’t have to roll it up so my family can use the floor space for a kitchen and living room. i wash my face {and flush my toilet} with clean water that i don’t have to pull up from a well. i have a well stocked pantry that i pull my choice of breakfast foods from. and that’s just the start of my day…

if i get to go back to cambodia, i’ll be focusing my camera more on the people and less on the other sights. if you want to see more faces, check out my flickr page {i only put my favorites here}. each photo has a short story to go with it, too, and i’ve included that on flickr. and i promise, more photos to follow.

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