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follow your heart

sorry i haven’t written for so long, but i’ve been a bit busy setting up my booth at crafted and then sloooowly getting my life back in order, doing the things i put aside {vacuuming anyone?} in the mad dash before the grand opening. i finally took pictures of my booth and some of my favorites in my little neighborhood, and i can’t wait to share those with you, but today i wanted to share this simple idea: following your heart is scary.

so many times over the past month, people have told me how brave i am or how lucky i am to have the chance to have a teeny little store to sell my jewelry. but i want you to know that at no point have i felt brave {though i do feel lucky at every turn}. i have felt nervous, anxious, afraid, worried, and downright scared. i have felt despair that i would never get it all done. i have felt a deep-down bone-chilling fear that no one would like my stuff, no one would buy anything. i have been unable to sleep because what-if-i-can’t-pay-my-rent? what-if-this-is-a-total-flop? {i feel comfortable sharing this with you because my worries vanished the moment the doors opened on our first weekend. i have been successful beyond my wildest dreams–replacing my old worries with new ones–and i have been extremely lucky to have this opportunity.}

but it’s been hard work, risk-taking, and believing in a crazy idea that’s gotten me this far. perfect timing then that this should arrive in my inbox today: a video from tara sophia mohr about how to identify your calling. about not having it all before you start down your own path. about making it up as you go along. {can i tell you how much of that i’ve been doing?!}

oh there have been more times than i can count that i’ve thought that i couldn’t or shouldn’t do this. there have been financial risks and personal ones. and then there’s the vulnerability of it all. i don’t think you can know–until you look back–that you’re for sure doing the right thing. but you for sure can’t look back until you’ve done it. so go for it, follow your heart, and let me know how it turns out.

images found here and here.

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you’re invited!

mark your calendars! save the date! plan to join me!

the grand opening of crafted is coming up at the end of this month on the 29th of june. that’s just two and a half weeks! i’m moving in on saturday, then spending the next two weeks getting everything in tip-top shape. i’ll have new and exciting jewelry to share with you, and i know you’ll want to check out all the other amazing vendors. and get this: parking and admission are free, free, free.

and for those of you who have turned your nose up at san pedro in the past {guilty!} come give it another sniff. it’s super cute.

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sneak peek: crafted booth set-up

the school desk is ready for its close-up

i’m happy to report that all that time spent building, sanding, and painting is starting to pay off. my little booth space is taking shape, through the purchase of a few new-to-me fabulous finds {an old school desk! sewing table legs!} and by getting more mileage out of previous purchases.

oldies but goodies

i’m sanding down an old stool that i’ve had for at least ten years and giving it it’s third paint job. i’ll be using the shelves and shutters that i’ve used at previous shows {like here}, freshening them up with some nice new paint. {and those old wooden crates that i love so much? they don’t need a thing.}

all this table needs is a little spray paint

i’m reusing my color scheme, too, sticking with neutrals to let the jewelry take center stage. my gray cloth backdrop can now be translated into painted walls {sooooo excited–this warm grey is what i’m leaning towards . and though i’ve always used natural elements {like linen and rocks} i’m bringing in even more with wood elements in the checkout area, tables, and some display pieces.

a bird’s-eye view of the space

i’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, and much faster than i thought it would. with any luck, i won’t be running around like headless chicken leading up to the grand opening {eek! june 29th!}. there will be a few surprises that i won’t unveil until then, but i wanted to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come!

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let's celebrate!

remember how i applied to be part of crafted at the port of la? well, friend, i was accepted. {when i found out yesterday i used an overabundance of exclamation points and now, it seems, i’ve exhausted myself.} in honor of that, i think we should all have a gluten-free cupcake with this cute mini pennant topper from sweet paul, made with vintage stamps. i know i’m going to be figuring out a way to squeeze a small celebration into my plans over the next few days.

{tomorrow we’re having a yard sale, then visiting friends at the beach on sunday. how ’bout you? doing anything fun?}

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and here’s the big news…

i promised you big news, and here it is. i’ve decided to apply for crafted, that permanent marketplace i told you about. fingers crossed that i’m accepted! {we’ll know in two weeks, won’t we?}

April 17, 2012 at 6:49 pm 1 comment

fortune favors the bold

can i let you in on a secret? it’s kind of a big deal: i’m thinking of opening a wee baby store. {update: i won’t actually be selling babies. a ‘wee baby store’ is scottish for itty bitty store. like a 10 x 10 foot space. also, i’m not scottish, but i sometimes like to pretend.}

this weekend i visited crafted at the port of la in san pedro, ca. accompanied by the brave and lovely lint & buttons and amarillo–who have already signed up–i took a tour of an empty warehouse that this summer will become a permanent home to crafters of all types. the plan is simple: give makers a permanent space to display their wares, open on the weekends, rake in the bucks.

when i first learned about the concept, several months ago, i immediately wanted to join in. *but*…it’s over an hour away, it would mean being gone from home friday/saturday/sunday of each week, and it’s a little scary. so i sort of wrote it off as something that i’d love to do but just couldn’t swing.

i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it though. the opportunity to rent my own 10×10 market space that won’t involve slogging my set up in and out of the garage, the chance to be part of a community of makers on a weekly basis, and the potential to interact with the predicted half a million customers per year? well, you can see how i dwell. it doesn’t look like much now, but if you squint, you can see the spot that would be perfect for dogwood & poppy.

so i’m thinking about doing it. it’s scary. it’s a big deal. and i think it would be kinda perfect.

{ps: i tracked this image as far back as i could go, interweb-wise here}

April 2, 2012 at 5:41 pm 5 comments

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