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mmm…it’s so pretty i could eat it!

i love the warm rich yellow of golden yellow chalcedony–and this faceted one pairs perfectly with micro-faceted garnets and hessonite garnets.  the deep colors remind me of caramel!

mmm, caramel.  i think the sterling silver might get stuck in your teeth, though, so this one is best worn around the neck.  i just want to wear it to ward off the doom and gloom of the rain clouds on their way.

this one-of-a-kind necklace measures 19 inches, though i’d be happy to shorten it for you, and it’s available at my etsy store for $50 USD and arrives, as usual, nestled safely in my handmade paper box.

and i’m still donating to the red cross: $5 for every item purchased through my etsy store!  and for everyone who ‘hearts’ my store by adding me to their etsy favorites (you’ll need to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, but it’s free) i’ll donate $1, no purchase required.

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good things!

by which i mean what tends to come in small packages (as opposed to any reference to ms. stewart–no offense martha).

i just made these little cuties, and i think they are so sweet.  just the right amount of sparkle from a petite package due to the micro-faceting of the garnets i selected (january’s birthstone!).  i wire-wrapped them with sterling silver wire so they wouldn’t be too saccharin, then i dangled them from sterling silver earwires.  they remind me of little cherries.

they measure in at just 1 inch (!), including earwires, and are available at my etsy store for $22 USD plus shipping & handling.

perfect for little girls, big girls, january babies and mommies, sweethearts, or bridesmaids (i can make multiples of these pretties)!

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simple (but never boring!)

oh i love these earrings!  they are the answer to every question:  not sure what to wear?  these earrings!  nothing quite matches that necklace?  these earrings!  want something simple?  a little sporty?  dainty but not too girly?  these earrings!!

okay, maybe they won’t help you with more existential questions, but they are without a doubt my favorite pair of earrings and it is not an exaggeration to say that i wear them all the time.

made of sterling silver with a self-closure, they’re available at my etsy store.  to top it all off, they’re a steal at only $15!  for a little extra oomph, get them hammered for $18.

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is it spring yet?

i know, we still have months to go, but i just feel a little, well, springy.  maybe it’s the cherry blossom earrings i made the other day.  maybe it’s the custom piece i’ve been working on for an outdoor wedding.  maybe i just need to get out of the house.

so i bring you the petal pusher earrings.  for those of us who want to force spring to come just a little bit earlier.

i made them from a collection of pale pinks and peaches: mother of pearl, rose quartz, and freshwater pearl.  each bead is hand wired onto the most delicate sterling silver chain.  they hang from sterling silver earwires for a total dangle of just under 2 inches.

they’re available at my etsy store for $28 USD plus shipping & handling.

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the beauty of winter

icicles necklacemaybe i’m just a touch sentimental because i haven’t seen one in a while–and it’s not looking good, what with relocating to southern cal–but i love the concept of winter: snow, icicles, clear blue skies.  you’ll notice there’s no shoveling, tire chains, or grey skies in my winter wonderland, but you can be sure there are sleds and hot cocoa with those little marshmallows.

yeah, childhood rocked.  and i brought back the wonder and beauty of it with these of winter-inspired necklaces.  put one on and remember the good times.

TOP LEFT: beautifully faceted quartz briolettes dangle like icicles from wire-wrapped sterling silver. this handmade, one-of-a-kind necklace is finished with sterling silver chain and a sterling silver lobster clasp.

necklace measures 20 inches in length but can be shortened to meet your needs at no additional charge.  it’s available at my etsy store for $42 USD plus shipping & handling.

winter blues necklaceRIGHT: remind yourself of the breathtaking side of winter with this sterling silver and quartz necklace. faceted quartz in multiple hues are wire-wrapped onto sterling silver chain and secured with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

necklace is 18 inches long; stones drop 2 inches.  it’s available at my etsy store for $38 USD plus shipping & handling.

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desert moon earrings

simple enough for a everyday wear but with enough shine and sparkle for a night out.  faceted moonstone and pale green freshwater pearls dangle from sterling silver earwires. sterling silver beads from bali reflect the light.

earrings measure just under 1.5 inches in length and are available at my etsy store for $24 USD.

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pure warmth necklace

fragile but fiery: faceted carnelian rondelles in deepening shades of orange culminate in a faceted carnelian center stone. each stone has its own sparkle that dazzles in the light. the sterling silver lobster clasp secures it on your neck.

necklace is 19 inches long.

it’s available at my etsy store for $108 USD plus shipping and handling.

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