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bringing back the jewelry boards!

it’s been a loooong time since i’ve offered these guys up for sale. remember them? so cute and a great way to see what you’ve got {ensuring that you’ll wear that necklace that’s currently wadded up in a drawer somewhere}.

upcycled jewelry boards of yore

i have one that i keep all my goodies on and it’s super handy! i haven’t had them in the store for a while because i haven’t been able to find any good children’s clothes to upcycle. but then i realized the other day that i have a ton of great fabric in my stash and i can make some more that way. {i’m not always the quickest}

here are some sneak peaks of what i’m working on.

frames to work with {and duck prints to throw out}

pretty fabrics

and then i dig into my stash of brads, ribbon, vintage buttons and trim, and see what comes up.

this one looks preppy and sweet

this one has kind of a thrifted look to it

this one has a handmade, natural vibe

this one is shaping up to be prim and proper

and this one is becoming quite mod!

it’s likely that not all the doodads will make the final cut, but i like to lay everything out first and work from there. i think of them as assemblages, and they can take quite a while to complete. click here to see my tutorial for how to make your own {or just see what’s behind the scenes}. it was featured on cosa verde’s blog ages ago. hopefully i can get these up and in the shop soon!

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sew funky marketplace

hello there! i am happy to report success at my first ever show! not only did i meet my sales goal at the sew funky marketplace, i also met lots of cool crafters and had lots of fun. my display came out great {even though my backdrop was a little wonky–i learned that i need to use the heftier pvc pipe!} and i wanted to take you on a virtual tour, in case you were unable to make it. look for some of these newer items in the store soon!

there were so many other inspiring ideas and great crafts, too. check out henneman’s photography’s photos of the whole event. i didn’t have time to walk around and take pictures {& i think hers are way better anyway}!

piles of stuff ready to go to sew funky market

the whole shebang

rings and things

check out that cute necklace tree

a tower of necklaces

earrings all carded up

a close-up of one of my diy tiered tray

i like how the printer's tray turned out!

all those boxes!

a close-up of one of my signs

goody goody gumdrop necklaces

check out the rest at henneman's photography

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vintage-y finds

putting together my booth for the sew funky marketplace has been stressful but fun. choosing the colors was easy, but what about the tone? what do i want to say? {i know, i take myself too seriously.} but you know that sensation when you walk into a room or a store and everything goes together and evokes a feeling? that’s what i’m going for.

to that end, i am trying for a nature-inspired, simple-but-not-boring, vintage-but-not-thrift {or worse, antique-and-stuffy}, classic-and-timeless-but-not-dull, open/airy/fresh kind of a thing. yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh. we’ll see how it goes. but i thought i’d share with you some of my finds from this week’s raid of all the area thrift/vintage/antique stores. maybe it’ll give you a sense of where i’m going.

they had almost all the right letters

i’m super excited about this find: wooden printers’ letters that spell out dogwood & poppy! {i know, i know, these would actually spell bogwoob & poppy, but it looks better this way. trust me}. they were a buck a piece but i had to have them anyway. they were missing another “o” so i’m thinking of making a crepe paper dogwood to stick in its place. and the printers’ drawer?

sweet display items, both a steal

that was only $18. i know, right?! and this after i was kicking myself for not buying the $45 one i was saw last month. and that cute little wooden box with the cute little wooden closure?

reduce, reuse, recycle, drink whiskey

it’s made of old whiskey boxes. awesome. it was a bit of a splurge at $10, given that no one other than us will get to see this important detail. i’m still on the prowl for old wood crates {i wouldn’t pay $25 for them at the shi-shi antique store} to add some height to my display, and some tiered wire baskets to hold my handmade boxes, but i’m well on my way.

i'm all set for mirrors

don’t you hate it when you go to a booth or store and there’s nowhere to check out how fabulous you look in something? me too. i got these three lovely mirrors for a song {$20 for the standing/swiveling one, made out of brass/bronze and working on a nice patina; $8 for the hand mirror, which is silver plate; and $5 for the mirrored tray, which will probably get a spray paint face lift to make it look a little older.}

more doilies!

i think i almost have enough doilies now to do something like this lovely table runner for my booth. these are all painstakingly made by human hands, old enough to be stained and a little worn, and all less than $3 a piece. most were only $1.

oh yes it is

and–i’m sorry–is that a dogwood blossom?! i didn’t really need this pressed aluminum bowl, but it does kinda go with the theme. $4. maybe i’ll put a few rings in it.

oh my heavenly goodness

and while i wasn’t looking for anything for myself, i found it of course. i’ve been wanting a seth thomas wind-up clock from the 20s/30s but don’t have the spare $500 lying around. today i found this electric guy for $12. i’ll re-wire it, get a piece of glass cut for the front, clean it up a bit, and put it on our mantel, where someone thoughtfully installed an outlet howevermany years ago. and that book? polyanna from 1913. i paid $2.75, which ought to be illegal, but i’m not telling. it’ll go with my small but growing collection of old hardback children’s books that were my faves growing up.

phew, that was long! that’s a lot of stuff, huh? do you have a favorite thrift/vintage/antique find of late? do share!

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off to make more jewelry storage!

i’ve had an amazing response for the new upcycled jewelry storage/display line that i’ve added to my etsy store, so i’m off to make more!  sneak peek: this weekend i found a silver tray at a thrift store that begs to be made into a skull.  can you imagine?  pictures to follow!

for now, here are some images from what i’ve made so far:

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where to put it all?

what to do with all that cool jewelry?  well don’t be like me and just pile it on your dresser!  it’s messy, tangly, and you can’t see what you have.  i think it’s a proven fact that if you can see it, you’re more likely to use it.  surely some scientist has done a study on that.  right?

to solve this non-existential dilemma, i’ve created this one-of-a-kind upcycled jewelry board, created from rescued items: a pretty girl’s dress made from creamy yellow swiss dot and a frame.  with the pocket for rings, the grosgrain ribbon to hang earrings on, and the hooks for necklaces, we can get you organized.  at least in this area!

the sweet yellow swiss dot jewelry board is available at my etsy store for $40 USD.  more to come!  need one to match your decor?  your style?  shoot me an email ( and let’s see what i can put together!  surely with all the fabric, ribbon and doodads i own i could create something fabulous just for you.

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