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a little birdie

i’ve finally gotten on the branding bandwagon and chosen a theme for all my materials {bags, postcards, etc.}. i already had these little birdies on my business cards. remember when? that was so long ago…before portlandia, even, so hopefully i’m forgiven for putting a bird on it.

i put birdies on my handpainted sign for my booth…

i put them on my labels for my bags…

…and i just put them on the header for my etsy page. {it seemed time for a makeover! i’d had the same image from when i opened up over a year and half ago, and it had looked tired to me for a while.} even if they’re a bit cliché now, i feel like these birdies represent me and my jewelry well. i like the change. hope you do, too!



just click on the image to see it in action!

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currently our kitchen is overwhelmed with the bounty of the farmer’s market and the fruits of our neighbors’ garden {we’re garden sitting}. i tried this method for keeping all those beautiful berries from turning moldy so fast, found on pinterest via tammy shipley, originally from the blog food lush. i’m super optimistic that these berries will be delicious for days…or however long they last around here. {they’re so sweet they taste like candy}

my tribute to the end of summer

currently i’m feeling a little nostalgic about the end of summer…even though it will still be nice and hot here for several months.

currently i’m worried about friends and family back east and hoping irene isn’t too much of a meanie.

currently we’re staying indoors as the temperature reaches 106°F today. even molly, who loves the sun and the heat, is curled up in the coolest room of the house with us {the living room}.

currently i’m getting back into my studio with schemes and dreams.

a study for an onion's portrait

currently i’m trying my hand at watercolors with the guidance of billy showell through this beautiful book. her paintings are unbelievably lifelike and satisfy my need for precision.

i think it’s time for some more strawberries!

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goody goody gumdrop necklaces!

looking for something fun for summer? how about a fun necklace?! goody goody gumdrop necklaces come in seven juicy colors, so there’s one for everyone. {or everyday.} they come strung on my signature sterling silver cable chain with a secure lobster clasp closure. each one measures 18 inches in length, but just let me know if you want it longer {or shorter} and i’ll be happy to make one just the right size for you.

goody goody colors

goody goody gumdrops in coral


goody goody gumdrops in sunshine

goody goody gumdrops in seafoam

goody goody gumdrops in lagoon

goody goody gumdrops in sky

goody goody gumdrops in water

goody goody gumdrops in dolphin

don’t worry, i won’t tell if you wear it after labor day!

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getting excited!

who doesn't need a turntable pillow? from theleef.

it’s a little too late to worry, as tomorrow is the sew funky marketplace! not that lack of time ever stopped me. do i have too much stuff? have i made enough? will my display get put up in time? will anyone buy anything? what if i don’t have enough bags? what if, what if, what if?!

i wanted to share with you some of my personal faves of people coming to the market. i can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies! there are so many cool vendors coming. if you’re in the area, i hope you’ll stop by! as far as i know, this is the first crafts market of its kind here in riverside, and i’m super excited to be participating in the very first one. i hope there will be many, many more! i love meeting other crafters and seeing their beautiful creations.

just click on the link to get more info on these cuties. better yet, stop by the market and pick on up! we’ll be there from 9:30 am to 3 pm at the Riverside Marriott!

how about this cute marvin the whale softy from JaneeLookerse?!

pretty soaps from ThreeLuckyDucks

i solemnly swear i am up to no good bracelet by foxwise

genius body bib by ayokletjessup {with mushrooms!}

and i may have to go home with some felt from BobbySoxie!

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the sunburst earrings are back!

i decided to bring back the sunburst earrings, small little rounds that dangle from sterling silver earwires. in the original cheery citrine…

sunburst earrings in citrine

…in spring green peridot…

sunburst earrings in peridot

…and in a slightly larger size in rock crystal.

sunburst earrings in rock crystal

all are on the small side, measuring just over one inch in length. they’re light, so you can have tons of sparkle without the strain on your ears. i used petite sterling silver earwires to keep the focus on the sunburst. they ship free–and order by tuesday, may 3rd for mother’s day delivery.

here’s how i would pair them up without being too matchy-matchy:

sunburst earrings in citrine & yellow and grey agate necklace

sunburst earrings in peridot & green lotus necklace

sunburst earrings in rock crystal & princess necklace in rock crystal

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meet the princess necklaces

just in time for mother’s day…and graduation…and weddings…and even going to the grocery store in style…let me introduce another new collection: the princess necklaces!

for those times when a tiara is just too much

you may not be walking down the aisle on the arm of a prince anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sparkle and shine with the best of ’em. available in three different gemstones–rock crystal, labradorite, and smoky quartz–each necklace is a little different.

rock crystal princess necklace

i made the princess necklace in rock quartz (goes with everything! doesn’t compete with embellish ed necklines!) with pear briolettes and rondelles for a very lady-like necklace. it measures 19 inches in length. just click on the picture for a direct link.

labradorite princess necklace

the labradorite princess necklace has a little spunk because i used rough cut briolettes to give it a more casual feel. this necklace measures 18 inches in length. if you’ve never seen labradorite before, get ready to meet your new best friend: it’s grey with a peacock blue luster (called labradorescence) that glows when light hits the reflective surfaces inside each gemstone. gorgeous!

smoky quartz princess necklace

for the smoky quartz princess necklace, i used briolettes and rondelles in this rich color. oh it just smoulders. sure, you could wear it to the office, but it really wants to go salsa dancing! it measures 18 inches in length.

did i mention that they ship free in the US?! each necklace is designed to last a lifetime, with a sterling silver lobster clasp for a secure finish. store these necklaces with your other crown jewels!

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epic sneak peak

as some of you know, I went into l.a. on friday to pick up some fabulous things in the jewelry district. I’m eager to share pictures of my goodies and what I’ve made with them so far…coming soon to your favorite jewelry store!

rock quartz, and citrine, and labradorite, oh my!

i've re-imagined the raja chic earring in new materials: rock quartz and crystal

i bought tons of faceted crystal

i've made a trio of 'princess' necklaces in materials like this beautiful labradorite

this stunning trio of turquoise is just waiting for some handmade chain

and here's a fun necklace made of coral and glass

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