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happy father’s day!

oh, iiiiiiiiiii could tell you whyyyyyy the ocean meets the shore

when i was 10 years old, my brother {then 4} and i found the perfect gift for our dad {well, his dad, my stepdad, an unkind man who certainly did not deserve the unrequited love of two small children.} it was an oil can. i can’t remember why he wanted an oil can, but he did, and we “stumbled upon it” one day, probably guided heavily by our mother.

it was the first time that i ever realized that a gift could bring someone so much joy. you find something they want, and suddenly your whole body is zinging with the yes-ness of it. {how could you have ever gotten them something else? why did not this not occur to you sooner? no other gift can compare to this awesome thing! you are clearly a genius.} it was the first time i understood that giving is better than receiving.

i also learned how important the element of surprise is. my brother, being all of 4, did not appreciate this subtlety, and proceeded to tell our father/step-father, “i can’t tell you what we got you, but it’s an oil can!”

oh, he was so excited. my brother, i mean. oddly enough, i don’t remember a thing about my step-father’s response. i was furious at my brother, of course, in my unrepentant prepubescent glory. {i had finally found the one thing that would make my step-dad like me, i was just sure of it, and now my brother had gone and ruined the whole shiny moment of him opening the most perfect present ever.}

i’m telling you all this as my weird way of saying that father’s day is whatever it means to you and yours. personally, i think of my mom, who taught me how to use power tools and get rid of jerks, especially the ones who will never appreciate the love you put into the gifts you give, material or otherwise. you should celebrate your dad {or dads, or lack of any, or step-dad, or mentor, or whoever has “fathered” you} with all your heart. get him the proverbial oil can, try not to spill the beans, and know that he loves you for it.

happy father’s day!

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