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sneak peek: crafted booth set-up

the school desk is ready for its close-up

i’m happy to report that all that time spent building, sanding, and painting is starting to pay off. my little booth space is taking shape, through the purchase of a few new-to-me fabulous finds {an old school desk! sewing table legs!} and by getting more mileage out of previous purchases.

oldies but goodies

i’m sanding down an old stool that i’ve had for at least ten years and giving it it’s third paint job. i’ll be using the shelves and shutters that i’ve used at previous shows {like here}, freshening them up with some nice new paint. {and those old wooden crates that i love so much? they don’t need a thing.}

all this table needs is a little spray paint

i’m reusing my color scheme, too, sticking with neutrals to let the jewelry take center stage. my gray cloth backdrop can now be translated into painted walls {sooooo excited–this warm grey is what i’m leaning towards . and though i’ve always used natural elements {like linen and rocks} i’m bringing in even more with wood elements in the checkout area, tables, and some display pieces.

a bird’s-eye view of the space

i’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, and much faster than i thought it would. with any luck, i won’t be running around like headless chicken leading up to the grand opening {eek! june 29th!}. there will be a few surprises that i won’t unveil until then, but i wanted to give you a sneak peak of what’s to come!

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it’s tomorrow!

hey….how did that happen? the first half of february flew by and tomorrow is valentine’s day. if you’re like me, you’ve had just oodles of time to put into finding the perfect gift, wrapping it up, and sealing it with a kiss. if, however, you’ve had family in your house, an out of town trip, and tomorrow has snuck up on you, then join me in last minute preparations.

sweets for your sweet? how bout these chocolate covered pretzels from love from the oven? grab a bag of gluten free ones for your gluten-free sweetie, or just make the samoa inspired ones for yourself. i know i will!

got a little extra time and supplies? {maybe a boss who isn’t looking that closely?} how about this nerdy embroidered fabulousness from prudent baby? there’s a great tutorial, so even if you’ve never crossed a stitch in your life, you’re going to be okay. i’m thinking about it.

not a lot of time? how about some easy printables? grab a pack of matches, fire up the printer, and stack these bad boys in the bathroom. these lovelies are from camille styles. found via spoonful of sugar on pinterest.

and don’t forget about my printables, which you can easily re-size for cards, tags, or whatever crazy creativeness you come up with. find the high-res images on my flickr page and more ideas for v-day on my pinterest page.

or maybe you want to redefine v-day for yourself. go for it. it’s all good.

apple image here {available for purchase from photography by karina on etsy. seriously, how cute is that?!}

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brown paper packages tied up with string…

this is my favorite part of the holidays! wrapping up gifts to make them look all pretty. the gifts inside….meh, but the wrapping? the best.

just kidding, the inside’s good, too. but after you spent all that time looking for or making that special gift for that special someone, you want the presentation to stand up to the goods. if you’re looking for loads of good ideas, check out my pinterest board dedicated to the wrapping of loveliness. and while you’re on pinterest, check out the other great ideas!

and of course, check out these sweet free printable tags, all rounded up for you by the lovely ez of creature comforts!

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father’s day gift wrapping ideas

okay, we’ve covered father’s day cards and decorating ideas, now: how to wrap that present? i lean towards the simple, myself, and these tie-inspired wrappings are super cute, even if your dad never puts one on. click on the images for direct links to the tutorials.

i love these cute and simple tie bags {from bliss bloom blog}

more intricate shirt & tie bags {from paper crave}

tie it up with a bowtie {from martha stewart}

make a ribbon tie {from paper crave}

whether you go for simple or intricate, it’s the thought that counts, right? you know he’ll love it if you did it. up tomorrow: my very own mouth-watering homemade steak sauce recipe.

June 16, 2011 at 2:51 pm 2 comments

father’s day decorations

continuing with our father’s day theme {yesterday was cute handmade card ideas} let’s make some fun decorations to celebrate the whole day. how about a bunting banner made from paper? a tie wreath from old or thrifted ties? and don’t forget to set the table! click the images for a direct link to the tutorials.

father's day tie bunting from me and my insanity

tie wreath from good housekeeping

decorate the table with this folded napkin idea from how about orange

no matter how you decorate {or don’t} for father’s day, do it with fun in mind. it’s supposed to be a day for celebrating what you love about the guy! coming tomorrow: ideas for wrapping that father’s day gift.

June 15, 2011 at 2:18 pm 3 comments

father’s day cards

it’s around the corner! father’s day is this sunday, june 19th so i thought i’d share some cute cards that you can make. just click on the image for a direct link to the tutorials.

last minute father's day card from little birdie secrets

shirt-cuff card from martha stewart

pocket square card from martha stewart

even if you’re not giving dad a pocket square or cufflinks, i still think these cards are super cute! tomorrow i’ll put up a few decorations that have caught my eye. thursday you’ll see some cute gift wrapping ideas. and friday i’ll share with you my very own recipe for the most amazing steak sauce ever. {evereverever.} even if your dad’s a vegetarian, you’ll want to whip this up for his tofu! plus, homemade gifts are the best, don’t you think?

June 14, 2011 at 2:16 pm 2 comments

mother’s day diy

looking for handmade mother’s day ideas? i’m thinking flowers and other sweet things…just click on the photos for a link to the tutorials.

rosette necklace from ohhellofriend

make mom a pretty necklace from fabric scraps! this one comes from oh hello friend. omigosh you could have one for every outfit. i mean, mom could have one for every outfit. yeah, mom.

chiffon roses from calamity kim

or how about some pretty chiffon roses? with a little hot glue, they could be turned into a brooch or an embellished head band. these pretties come from calamity kim.

rick rac rings from maize hutton

or how about some rick rac rings? these cute rosettes rings were made by maize hutton. how cute! you can get adjustable ring bases at a craft store, making these easy last minute crafts. not that you waited until the last minute…

shoes mark the passage of time from real simple

i wish i still had all my baby shoes, because i would make this shadow box! the idea comes from real simple as a way to re-use kid’s items, but i think this would make a really sweet mother’s day gift.

mmmm.....chocolate.....from cafe fernando

want to make something super sweet for mom? how about this 2 ingredient chocolate mousse (chocolate and water) that whips up in about 5 minutes. i know, right? it’s mother’s day everyday.

cute little polaroid magnets from ambrosia girl

and how about these adorable teeny polaroid magnets? dreamt up by ambrosia girl, made by you of family photos. now mom will have something to hold up all that art work.

family tree photo card from martha stewart

top it all off with a special card (or let this card be the gift). i mean, i hope you and your mom have established that anything you make is going to be fabulous and treasured, so take these ideas and run with them. mom will love them. then share pictures of what you made!

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