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keepin’ busy

here are a few updates from the world of getting ready for the sew funky marketplace. i finally found another folding table {a 6 footer that also folds in half, meaning it fits in our car}. i ordered 600 big round labels {to go with the 250 kraft shopping bags i’ve ordered!}. i ordered some divine twine {yay!} from whisker graphics. i’ve been dyeing the $3 a yard fabric so that it will be a nice grey for the backdrop of my booth. i’m working on constructing that backdrop out of pvc pipe. and i finally did a mock up of my booth, sans backdrop.

what did i learn? an 8 foot by 4 foot booth is a lot smaller in reality than it is in my head. viola may not be able to come, because i have a really cool wooden crate that looks good and holds product. sorry vi. but it was good to see it all laid out and in place. i was worried i had too many trays, but it looks like i’ll have just the right amount, once i put them together.

sweet paper birdies // via charcoal & crayons

i like how my little paper birdies turned out! i got the idea from charcoal & crayons, where there is a nice tutorial on how to put them together. i’ll scatter them throughout the display, to tie in with the birdies on my business cards. when i get my stickers printed up, they’ll have little birdies on them, too!

i like how the doilies look on top of the grey velvet. it remains to be seen whether there will be enough time {and energy!} to make the full table runner as planned.

transforming gold into silver with spray paint

pvc pipe is good for so many things!

i've wanted some of this stuff forever!

the pile of stuff is growing!

look at all those boxes! i’ll make tons more in time for the fair. i’ll have my tags, too.

phew! i’m exhausted. but happy.

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what the fuss?!

here’s all the info for the sew funky marketplace! hope to see you there! {if you’re nowhere near southern california, i’m willing to accept a rain check until i’m closer to you.} someday soon i promise to bombard you with father’s day ideas, recipes, and cards instead of all this craft fair stuff. pinky swear.

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mother’s day diy

looking for handmade mother’s day ideas? i’m thinking flowers and other sweet things…just click on the photos for a link to the tutorials.

rosette necklace from ohhellofriend

make mom a pretty necklace from fabric scraps! this one comes from oh hello friend. omigosh you could have one for every outfit. i mean, mom could have one for every outfit. yeah, mom.

chiffon roses from calamity kim

or how about some pretty chiffon roses? with a little hot glue, they could be turned into a brooch or an embellished head band. these pretties come from calamity kim.

rick rac rings from maize hutton

or how about some rick rac rings? these cute rosettes rings were made by maize hutton. how cute! you can get adjustable ring bases at a craft store, making these easy last minute crafts. not that you waited until the last minute…

shoes mark the passage of time from real simple

i wish i still had all my baby shoes, because i would make this shadow box! the idea comes from real simple as a way to re-use kid’s items, but i think this would make a really sweet mother’s day gift.

mmmm.....chocolate.....from cafe fernando

want to make something super sweet for mom? how about this 2 ingredient chocolate mousse (chocolate and water) that whips up in about 5 minutes. i know, right? it’s mother’s day everyday.

cute little polaroid magnets from ambrosia girl

and how about these adorable teeny polaroid magnets? dreamt up by ambrosia girl, made by you of family photos. now mom will have something to hold up all that art work.

family tree photo card from martha stewart

top it all off with a special card (or let this card be the gift). i mean, i hope you and your mom have established that anything you make is going to be fabulous and treasured, so take these ideas and run with them. mom will love them. then share pictures of what you made!

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the sunburst earrings are back!

i decided to bring back the sunburst earrings, small little rounds that dangle from sterling silver earwires. in the original cheery citrine…

sunburst earrings in citrine

…in spring green peridot…

sunburst earrings in peridot

…and in a slightly larger size in rock crystal.

sunburst earrings in rock crystal

all are on the small side, measuring just over one inch in length. they’re light, so you can have tons of sparkle without the strain on your ears. i used petite sterling silver earwires to keep the focus on the sunburst. they ship free–and order by tuesday, may 3rd for mother’s day delivery.

here’s how i would pair them up without being too matchy-matchy:

sunburst earrings in citrine & yellow and grey agate necklace

sunburst earrings in peridot & green lotus necklace

sunburst earrings in rock crystal & princess necklace in rock crystal

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epic sneak peak

as some of you know, I went into l.a. on friday to pick up some fabulous things in the jewelry district. I’m eager to share pictures of my goodies and what I’ve made with them so far…coming soon to your favorite jewelry store!

rock quartz, and citrine, and labradorite, oh my!

i've re-imagined the raja chic earring in new materials: rock quartz and crystal

i bought tons of faceted crystal

i've made a trio of 'princess' necklaces in materials like this beautiful labradorite

this stunning trio of turquoise is just waiting for some handmade chain

and here's a fun necklace made of coral and glass

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jewelry–for your kitchen cabinets

more new house joy: moving into someone else’s idea of pretty and finding it, well, ugly. the previous previous owners of our cute house did a very respectable kitchen overhaul about five years ago, replacing it all: cabinets, countertops, appliances…the works. in general, i am super happy with the granite countertops, thoughtful cabinets (like the big pull out drawer pantry), and stainless steel appliances. one thing i did not so much care for: the hardware.

it caught my eye the first time we looked at the house. and not in a good way. i’m not sure what to call the finish–hematite?–but it was shiny, metallic and wrong. i mean, it just did not go with the rest of the kitchen. i’ve dreamed of replacing ever since i first walked into the kitchen.

we did some major-ish work in the kitchen, adding halogen lights overhead and a fan where the breakfast nook will be (um, when we get the table) and i figured we’d done about as much as we could for a while. then we went to our friends’ house where i got some serious house envy. everything had been updated and was just so right, from the exposed wood beams in the living room right down to the brushed nickel old school library-ish pulls on the drawers in the kitchen. i l-o-v-e love that look. and i thought, well, we could do that in our kitchen.

so for the low low price of i-don’t-even-wanna-talk-about-how-expensive-cabinet-pulls-are, we did it! and let me tell you, it was sooooo worth it. now the brushed nickel pulls and knobs go with the rest of the kitchen instead of screaming, “look at me, i’m a knob!”

somehow our kitchen just seems so right now *and* i get to have the cool pulls i’ve admired for so long.

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the people have spoken!

recently i took a moment to look back through my etsy sales, in honor of reaching a little personal milestone of mine–30 sales.  woohoo!  if you sell your handiwork and haven’t taken inventory of your popular items, i recommend doing this.  it was eye-opening for me.

as i lamented to my husband, more of my sales have come from my bigger fashion jewelry than my delicate semi-precious pieces.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining, it’s just that the delicate pieces are more ‘me’.  my husband reminded me–dutifully, as only a significant other can–that i had expressed this concern when first including my chunkier pieces.  basically: what if people don’t like the stuff i want them to like?  okay, you have to say it in a whiny voice to really nail this one.

i went back and forth.

i mean…i want to follow my passion, but i also want sales.  i believe that art doesn’t have to be pretty or popular, but there’s still rent to pay.  and then i read this etsy storque article by amanda steinberg of  the short of it: the important thing is not what you sell, it’s the plan behind the sales.

so.  my answer to myself after a few days–okay, a few weeks–of wallowing: wah.  sales were the whole point of starting this venture!  (i mean, other than having an excuse to buy more beads.)  but the goal of getting out there and reading up on how to do it right and working on branding and starting a facebook page and getting a twitter account: sales.  (turns out i like twitter, but i digress).

i don’t get to pick what other people like.  besides, i like all the stuff i make.  so *there* little ego.  and you know what one thing all my sales have in common?  i would love to wear any of them!  you all seem to like my favorites the best!

i can make what people want!

and i can still make what i want, whether or not it sells as well.  i think we can call that a healthy compromise.  after all that whining, the nutshell version is that you may notice an influx of larger pieces coming to my etsy store.

all i can say is, “you asked for it.”

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