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market recap

rellas bellas turquoise necklace

the sew funky market was a big success, as usual. thanks to everyone who came out to join us on a rainy saturday!

there were tons of great vendors, many of whom were new to me. {so many new things to covet!} as usual, i took home some goodies, like the necklace above made by jen of rellas bellas. and this gorgeous inlaid wood pendant necklace from heartistics.

heartistics clever pendant

*sigh* oh, the dangers of being surrounded by beautiful things.

there’s one thing i can’t share with you because it’s a gift, but you should definitely check out alphabet city studio for adorable children’s clothing, made by the amazing {and lovely} carrie. her stuff makes me want a little one right now just so i can buy her stuff!

alphabet city studio cuteness

is that model for sale? super precious.

{p.s. i’m also coveting one of junky gypsyz lovely lit signs. in an amperand, i think.}

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whatcha doin’ tomorrow?

i’ll be at the riverside marriott from 9:30 to 3:00, selling my goodies, as will a host of other wonderful crafters. look for your favorites as well as some newbies!

{p.s., tomorrow’s a big day downtown: there’s the farmer’s market as well as two awesome activities at noon: the easter egg-stravaganza and the peep show, involving real live peeps. wish i could be there for that one! so come and stay a while. breakfast at simple simon’s too?}


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this is how it feels around here

just kidding, it’s not that bad, but i am on my second cold in a row, and i got food poisoning this weekend. nice, huh? it’s like the universe doesn’t know that i’ve got the sew funky market coming up this weekend?! {eek! panic!} i mean, really.

also, our house is a wreck, what with all the dog hair, craft crap, and surprise stuff everywhere. {i really will tell you soon, i swear! just as soon as i have some time to take pictures of it all.} need a hint? can’t wait? psst: it’s a new store. details coming soon. promise.


{check out the sew funky market blog for more info and interviews with vendors.} click here to get this fish t-shirt. love it!

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sew funky: recap

here she is, in all her glory

i think my feet have finally stopped hurting, my back is getting less achy, and i caught up on some sleep this weekend. but boy, was the sew funky market fun! it was hard to set up a booth all by my lonesome {with the hubby out of town, i had to haul everything in–and out–myself} but i had a great time anyway.

the place was packed with vendors and crammed with shoppers, but everyone handled the crowd well. there was so much good stuff, like this adorable owl pillow from meagan of fairly fabulous; clutches and bags by paper from heaven; and the sweet embroider hoops above by lauren of lauren elise handcrafted. {lauren’s booth was like a breath of fresh air and i wanted everything in it! don’t you just love her displays?}

i enjoyed hanging out with my neighbor vendors darlene of etheloos and shannon of lee.f. {you may remember we picked up a mustache pillow from lee.f last time; this time i came home with a wooden kid’s toy for those kids i don’t yet have.}

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